Sunday, December 3, 2006

So much for my deadline lol

Well it's Sunday and I don't think I completed anything. I did get alot done though/ This blog seems to be taking way longer than I had originally anticipated. Today though is set up for Christmas day. The four of us put on the Christmas music or a Christmas movie and decorate. We have a large entertainment center with the center ready for a big screen tv so that is where the town setup will go. This year we bought one of those large Science fair project boards to put under the town so that we can glue styrofoam and other items onto it to similate mountains and hills etc. This way next year we don't have to do all that again. We did it with the Halloween town this year and it worked out quite nicely. I think that we will definitely need two boards though since the town is much larger than our Halloween one. We have 6 large Rubbermaid tubs and about 3 or 4 misc boxes of Christmas stuff ready to go lol. we won't get our tree until at least next week though. It's very hard to keep the tree alive for a long period of time. We have used the food for it and we water it everyday and still they dry out so quickly. We don't use fake trees no way no how. Bad enough it's not cold here and it doesn't feel like Christmas, no one is taking my tree from me too lol.

This was last years tree, almost 8 feet - actually it is 8 feet but I hate it when they include the foot of one branch at the very top lol. Hoping to get another one like it this year. And actually it was wider than this, we had just put it up so it hadn't dropped it's branches yet.

Well I gotta get moving, we need to go to Michaels and see about getting a couple of more little pieces for the town and we have to pick out our ornaments for this year. Every year we pick out an ornament that represents what we are interested in or what we are doing etc., There are some interesting things on our tree lol. Anyway, have a good day/night and I will try to get back to you all later and show you what we got!