Saturday, March 10, 2007

And yet even MORE layouts!

I have done a couple more layouts and wanted to get them up here.

The first layout was done using Gail Cook's Country Kitchen - I thought it was perfect for a 1960's Italian Party lol More pics of my Nono and also a few other family members whose names I have no clue lol (I think one was Uncle Carmine isn't that just so cliche? lol)

The next layout was done using Winter Festival which is a collaborative kit by Shannon F and Mama Moose

This LO was done with May Flowers - it's a freebie kit still available on Shannon's Blog ;)

This last layout is one that should give a little chuckle. I call it The Hamster Wrangler. This was our dog Frenchie and whenever the hamster would get loose or be let out, he would follow it all around. If it got lost, he would find it and lay there and whine until we got it back again. I used Trees Kit by Shannon F for this one

OK I think that is it for tonight lol - well for the layouts anyway.

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Scrapcat4914 said...

TYS these fantastic elements!!!