Wednesday, March 14, 2007

DAZ DEAL you can't miss this one!!

Holy Moley Here we go! MARCH MADNESS IS UNDERWAY!!!

First let me show you the FREE item for this week:

"So you say you want to do some Big Game hunting on an distant planet! No problem. But you wont find a blaster here, we mean to take our prize alive. Shocked, Stunned, and yes VERY angry, but alive."

Normally $8.95 on sale for FREE!!

Also you have got to check out MARCH MADNESS - This is the sale that we all wait for every year! There are items which normally cost $19.95 and more for only $1 or $2 Check these out:

JENNA Normally$15.95 now only $1.60 !!!! "Jenna is a new character for Aiko 3.0. Inspired by a beautiful real world model, Jenna has a light frame and a fresh, young look. She has a little Elfin blood and will add her own unique magic to your renders. She comes with high resolution realistic textures, transparencies and bump maps. Her carefully sculpted custom morph was made using the Poser magnets so it's unique and original. MAT poses for each version of Poser are included for ease of use."

Casual V3 "This casual set of clothing will compliment your every-day renders. Victoria 3 is sure to feel comfortable in any setting with this morphable clothing and seven sets of included textures" Normally $12.95 on sale for $1.30!!

These are just two of the items they have on sale right now for March Madness. The sale items change EVERYDAY!! Items are up for about 24 hours only then they go back to regular price. Oh and did I tell you a little secret? If you are a DAZ Platinum Club member you get an ADDITIONAL 30% off all DAZ Original Items. So Jenna will end up costing you only $1.12 after the additional discount! RUN RUN GO GO BUY BUY HURRY!! LOL

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SKrapper Digitals said...

wow! you made this?!?! amazing!
how hard was it to do this with the software? have you ever made any animation?