Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good Sunday Morning to you

So how is your Sunday? We woke up to my oldest son knocking on the door and saying "Tornado warning, I thought you might want to be awake when you die" That's the 2nd (possibly 3rd) one in the past three days. It's only April, so in my book that says that the hurricanes are going to be slamming us this summer. I am really just OVER this whole hurricane thing. Batten down the hatches, rush for water and gas, fight with your not so neighborly neighbors to try and get wood, canned goods, juice and other items. Everything that you have outside, bring it inside, board up the windows. Ick. So anyway, now my youngest seems to think that it's ok for him to go outside even though there is a tornado watch, Fight number one - ding ding. No you can't go out, I don't care if you're going to so and so's you need to be here until the watch is over..... I know it's 5 hours from now.... what do you mean you have nothing to do? PS2, XBOX, 101 books, a computer.....ohhhh... ok CLEAN YOUR ROOM how about that? Back to my room and my computer I go. But Little man has other plans, not 5 minutes later he is in my room, on my bed telling me that he is going out. So I chuckle. Don't say a word just chuckle. That's when he knows. See since I am naturally a yeller the appropriate fear tactic for me to use is calmness. So when I remain calm and chuckle or use that really sickingly sweet tone he knows he's in deep. Finally he just got quiet and layed there staring at the television. Now.... he is asleep rolled up in our blankets ;)

Like I said Good Sunday Morning ;)


Sara E said...

oh so not fun...I'm so happy I'm not in tornado land anymore (KC and STL), it's monsoon and dust storms...yay!!!!!!

Amanda said...

We had tornado warnings up here in Pensacola too. I hate tornadoes. We just moved here and not looking forward to the hurricane season.