Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am really cranky today

And everywhere I turn someone or something else is sprinkling salt on my wounds. It's a Murphy's Law type of day ya know..... I got rid of my old account at Yahoo simply because it was very annoying (not even going to go into that whole thing) and I go back and create a nice new one, and use my stupid hotmail address as the secondary account. Sigh..... I forgot that since yesterday I haven't been able to access that account. I keep getting the page that says that the server which my account is on is currently not available but that there is no problem with my account. Well isn't that just hunky dory? I can't access my dang e-mails now for two days so I can't access my groups or anything. Then we have been waiting for a letter which requires a signature and it came today...... but the mailman was too lazy to come to the door so he left a slip in the mailbox and now we have to wait till tomorrow to go and pick it up. Add that to me not having a cigarette since yesterday and no Adderall for the past 4 days and the toilet STILL overflowing (I have been here for 7 years and it has been doing this the whole time and they say it's fixed but it keeps happening) There's more but I don't even have the patience to go into it right now. Maybe I will try to create some more but truthfully I am afraid of what I will create lol. OH well, hope you are all having a better day than I ;)

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beachnut999 said...

You poor girl, I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow. I know what you mean about Murphy's Law though. On the way to OK. we were having power problems with the RV, we get here and the TV dies. ARGH then yesterday the coffee pot bites the dust double ARGH. Hopefully the sun will shine here as well as there tomorrow.