Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Going on at HODS

The MAY MEGA KIT is now available at HODS! Check out this great kit:


The HODS Team has turned this easter kit into the Idol Gives Back Kit - 100% of this purchase will go to Idol gives back!!! Our goal is to sell at least 40 kits by May 15th !!!! I think we can do it but we need your help!!!!

Go ahead and buy the kit and 100% of this money will be donated.

A Special thanks to the creators of: Tandika Star Actions, Obsidiandawn Brushes, GraphicsFactory, Font Freak, Atomic Cupcake and Lianne Carper.

Pass the word on ok? Drop by the store and snatch this great kit for only $6.50 and know that 100% of your money is going to a worthy cause. OR, if you don't want the kit, how about giving up one cup of coffee this week, that touch up on your nails, that box of ding dongs or some other incidental and donate the $$ instead!

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