Monday, May 21, 2007

OK, don't tell me nothing is going on.

Have you all seen the Day after Tomorrow? Ya know, ice breaks off, hurricanes and tornadoes and tsunamis run amuck. End of the world etc? Well here ya go people. Just a few days ago there was a huge piece of ice which broke off that was bigger than California, a few months ago I posted an article about that Dinosaur Shark they found and now here's a giant squid they actually caught on February 22 of this year:

I got the photo from and the link is in the photo so you can go to the site and read the article. It weighs over 900 lbs and was 33 feet long! (Calamari for a year lol)

All of the photos here have links to the article that I got them from. They should open in a new window when you click on them. I started doing this post and got carried away lol.

This one I got from Cryptomundo, which I guess is kinda iffy but still worth a look see. I actually then found it at Underwater Times as well. It's from December 22, 2006:

Found in Florida:

ALSO found in Florida:

This is the photo of the link I had posted here a couple of months ago. You can still get the video of this shark too although it died only hours after it was captured and put on display.

And here's another odd "Living Fossil":

And hey, how's this for evolution?

Now I know that (mostly) these things have existed, it's no surprise but usually all of these "critters" which have begun mysteriously poppping up all over are extremely subterranean. They usually lie miles below in the oceans, all of a sudden POOF... hello, look at me. Am I the only one that finds this odd? Ominous, forboding, forshadowing at it's finest?

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