Monday, May 21, 2007

This weekend....

was kinda wierd lol. Even for me. I don't know how anything can feel so long and so short at the same time? Like I said, wierd lol. I got a bunch done on my new baseball kit but then wasn't happy with some of it so I dumped those parts. LOL. I was busy trying to upload to our new gallery at HODS and keep up on my Sketch Challenge over at DSC. Then I didn't feel like doing anything so I kinda just putzed around on the internet half of the weekend. Yesterday though I did something that made Alex happy. He feels that I never get out of the house (which is true) so yesterday, after my plant got knocked over with a simple gust of wind and spilled dirt all over, we took a jaunt over to Home Depot and got some potting soil and a few new little plants. One marigold (they are great for keeping ants and such away) and three other flowers (I can't remember the names lol will take pics later) and also one sweet basil and cherry tomato plant. When we had our house my basil would grow 4 feet high, no lie. I love fresh basil, not only does it taste good but it smells so wonderful.

Then we went over to Michaels and I hit clearance (my favorite word lol) I managed to get a wooden purse, two letter T's (also wood) a purple metallic marker and some other goodies for $9. Not bad. I am going to turn that little purse into a Pencil holder, hopefully tonight.

I also did a few more layouts, one with my upcoming baseball kit.

I talked to my Popi who was out fishing and had gotten a 5lb bass only minutes before I called him lol. He was happy. Johnathan "dismantled" his stereo (already broken) and the vcr (also already broken) He made a gallery to show us how each part worked, it was a hands on, interactive display lol.

The dryer is still broken so there are still clothes hanging up all around our house. UGH what a pita, but at least my washer still works (watch now I just jinxed it lol)

Oh well, off to the store and to finish up my kit so I can get it out to all of you ;)

Have a great day!

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Rona said...

LOL! Love the word CLEARANCE, too! :) Cute layout with your baseball kit, btw!