Friday, June 1, 2007

It's the last day of school!!!!

ACK! OMG, now it's summer time. A time when all the little boys and girls are no longer in school but running amuck in grocery stores, parks, playgrounds, driveways, parking lots, beaches and our homes! OMG, I can feel the panic attack hitting already! Nah, not really......well ok.... maybe a little bit. Things get crazy around here, really. It's like suddenly our population becomes inundated with hundreds of little people running around and taking up space lol. Around here, they are not allowed to play anywhere but in the parking lots (don't get me started) and the pool. When we first moved here there would be at least 30 or so kids playing right outside our balcony everyday. They played football mostly except for the little girls who would be walking by with their doll carriages and riding bikes. Now, they aren't allowed to do that stuff. And in the 7 years we have been here I have never seen a broken window. I had a woman - maybe in her early 50's and by no means "old" - come outside once while I was tossing the ball around with the boys and tell me we couldn't play ball here. I raised my eyebrow at her and chuckled. After taking a step back she said she worked for the office and that ball playing was prohibited here. I told her that I have lived here for 3 years (at that time) and that I knew for a fact she was nothing more than a self appointed buttinski with nothing better to do than to try and make little kids miserable. That if she wanted to live in a quiet area or neighborhood she should go join her friends at Cemetary Village instead of living in a Family neighborhood. She huffed off and went inside. I waited for a call from the office but it never came lol. Ticked me off, I mean really, they delegated an approximate 12 X 20 square foot area of slides and what not, a pool and a tennis court all around the office itself. (Now mind you there are at least 150 or so occupied apartments here.) 12 apartments per building and between 14 and 16 buildings. When my kids were small they weren't allowed over there without me so most of the time they didn't go unless a parent I knew was taking their children. The creeps won out though so now none of the kids play around here much. I used to have between 8 and 10 kids up to my house everyday, in and out. Mom (most of them called me Mom lol)can I have a water (I would write their name on it with a Sharpie and they had to bring it back before they got another one lol- no littering), can I have an ice? Can I used the bathroom? I used to have at least 2 other kids here for lunch besides my own and they played till it got dark. I LOVED having the "Kool-Aid" house. I would rather know where my kids were and deal with the constant traffic and loudness than the possible alternatives.

Anyway, my point was that now it is summer and all of these wonderful children will be absolutely insane with the taste of freedom as it is combined with the realization that if Mom and/or Dad doesn't take them places, their summer is going to royally suck. Add onto that fact that summer around here is hurricane season - officially started today - and you have extremely wacky kids. We are planning lots of beach days around here (it's cheap and the kids love it) Maybe a couple of baseball games again this year and I don't know what else, maybe the movies, but there is no way we can have a real vacation. Oh well, yesterday Charles went with John to the pool which we thought was very cool. He didn't just go and sit on the cell phone and watch his brother swim, he actually went in with him and played! Very impressive lol. I guess now that they are getting older the bonding will get easier. Don't get me wrong, if anyone were to start trouble with one of them the other would be there in a second. It's killing each other that has always worried me lol.

I guess I will sneak in my Layout too while I am here lol. I used Glorious Blossoms by Shannon F and you can find the kit at Divine Digital:

Have a good one!


4guysandme said...

I am still trying to adjust to the kids being out of school it is hard believe they've been out for a week. what am I going to do the rest of the summer?

beachnut said...

Ya know they do make over 55 living places. If you don't want to be around kids that's where you choose to go. Places that "Do" allow kids need to take that into account and have decent places for them to play not "token" places. Remind me though not to get on the wrong side of you LOL I feel sorry for kids that don't have the areas to play and have fun. I gre up in the era where we had nice parks to go to but we all played baseball etc in the streets and we had yards to play in. I guess we were lucky back then, I'd never even hear of apartments till I was out of school...such sheltered days. I think if I was a Mom and in an apartment and they complained I'd be roaring too . Management of these places need to do better site management and provide more more families. Florida is a hard place to live. The busy bodies not only pick on kids heck they pick on the SRs too in Sr developments...they have nothing else to do. We called them the Gestapo Squad. Glad we moved out. Maybe your thinking about another place to live will grow. There's nothing like the freedom to do what you want when you want without the Gestapo looking over your shoulder. Good Luck Girl.