Saturday, June 9, 2007

Wow so much going on

I barely know where to start, I can't believe that some of this is old news and that I hadn't even posted it yet.

Ok well, my youngest DS got promoted so he will now be going into 5th grade ;) He did EXCELLENT on his FCAT tests (like I told him and the teachers he would) and he brought his social studies grade up from an F (sigh yes an F he was having a hard time) up to a B! He was so proud that he finally got it! My oldest DS is almost done with his Math class now and should be finished Tuesday when he has the last of his exams. He promises to do all the new classes at warp speed now so he can be done by the end of summer which would be awesome!

Now for the not so good news. Digi Scrap Central is closing. The forums will be closed sometime within the next couple of days and then the shop will only carry designs for people who still have time on their contracts. Once all of the contracts are up, the store will close as well. So as of July 1st my designs will no longer be sold at DSC. BUT here's some good news (every cloud has a silver lining) Myself as well as Gail Cook and Shannon F are having a massive blowout sale from June 10th (tomorrow) through June 30th! 40% off ALL of our designs so we are going out with a bang! Our freebies posted there will be gone too so you want to make sure you hit that sale!

Right now you can hit the 45% off sale over at HODS! This sale ENDS tomorrow so you want to get there before tomorrow at midnight to get them at that price (not all of my designs and Gail Cook's at HODS are offered at DSC ;) )


Sharyn said...

hame about losing your store..sure you will find somewhere else.

Thena said...

I forgot to tell you I stopped by! I got so involved in looking at your wonderful things!


Chari said...

Hi Terrel,

So sad to hear that DSC is closing it's doors. I hope you find another store to offer up your talents!