Sunday, July 15, 2007

Two new kits in the store ;)

I managed to get two previews done so these kits are now in both my HODS and MOO TWO Stores!

If you wanted to know what was in my $2 grab bag but didn't grab it...well here are the contents:

And here is a new kit for all you garden lovers:

I have a couple more which are almost ready for the store too but my time on the computer is limited until I feel better. Being on too long is just not good right now. Everytime I think I am feeling better again it comes back. Oh well, will just work in between lol. An tomorrow Charles starts his English class again so we will be working on that but that I can do in my bed. He has some work to redo and a book to read so that makes it easy.

OK off to go and see if I can manage another preview before Alex kicks me off the computer lol.


OK make that 4 new kits lol. I finally finished the other previews for these:

There will be an add-on pack coming soon for Aquarium Adventure ;) More Critters and some other goodies lol.

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