Sunday, June 3, 2007

OK, that's a little better......

Answers Percent
1. Bows and ribbons 18%
2. doodles & swirls solid black 7%
3. doodles & swirls - colored/textured 14%
4. buttons and brads 7%
5. overlays and brushes 18%
6. Realistic flowers & plants 25%
7. Frames 11%

I'm glad I let the poll run a little longer. I had seen somewhere where people were requesting overlays and brushes and at first when I didn't get any votes for it, I was kind of confused lol. But now this makes a little more sense.

I didn't post yesterday, and it feels wierd. I was busy working on another kit and hanging out, on and off, with the boys. It was just one of those wierd days again. The weather couldn't seem to make up it's mind for awhile so it was kinda dreary at first. Plus I am annoyed because I hate when people talk about things of which they have no clue and there is a group of them doing it right now (family that is) People should take a good long look at their own backyard and their own glass houses before throwing stones and making assumptions. What's really funny is that they talk all this crap and yet my sons 14th birthday came and went without so much as a phone call or a card.... yeah family......gotta HATE them sometimes. I wonder if they remember telling the boys at their Father's funeral that they would never have to worry about being alone because they would always be there for them? My boys sure do. My family called and sent a gift, my Popi and my sister but no one else. And they live in New York, not 5 minutes from my house. But whatever..... let me not get started cause I feel my blood pressure rising already. On a good note regarding family (insert sarcastic chuckle here) I did 3 layouts using Carla Ware's "Music to my Ears" kit. These photos are from the "Family" birthday party we went to last weekend, looks like great fun doesn't it? This kit is awesome! (Oh and in this first layout, the bottom photo in it is John and I facing the camera lol)

Well, I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep ;) Cya!