Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I was vindicated, then everything hit the proverbial fan

So my oldest son comes home with a flyer yesterday and says to me "You need to go to this so I can have my lowest grade dropped off in my Social Studies class" My right eyebrow goes up and I read the flyer. It's a special meeting for parents as a premise for the 3 hour or so long interactive "speech" (for lack of a better term) the kids will be experiencing today. Of course I am annoyed because not only do I have to do something that counts toward improving his grade (I already did my school years by myself thank you) but it was at 6:30 that evening! Hello, the boys get home at 4:00 and there's a meeting I now need to go to at 6:30. Oh and I forgot to tell you what it was about. Bullying. So now, of course I am complaining because this to me is nuts. Why should I have to get dressed to go out and spend a few hours of my time for this? What is this guy going to tell me about bullying? I grew up in Brooklyn, I was one of the few little white girls in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood and had glass bottles thrown at me once as the kids chased me home. That was 6th grade - I don't run anymore. I literally snapped one day because I had had enough of this one girl who had been sticking me with pins, tripping me etc for years. Point is, WTH can anyone tell me about Bullies that I don't already know? My philosophy with Bullies is if you are surrounded by Bullies and there is no other way for you to get out of it unscathed, look for the biggest one and beat the sucker to a pulp. 99% of the time, the rest of them will leave you alone after that. Always walk away when you can but if you can't............. I despise bullies and just the thought of it sent me off to this meeting with a sour taste in my mouth compounded by the sound of my own voice saying to myself "don't go in with an attitude, bite your tongue, don't say anything" So, ok I make dinner an hour early get ready and we go. There were a lot more people than I thought there would be and it starts. About 10 minutes into it all I find I am laughing, this guy is actually making it fun and is talking about family values. He tells us the story of how he met and married his wife and how their 2 children came to be. His oldest child is the compliant one and the second one is the strong willed child. He does a great imitation of a 4 year old crossing the line literally. If you're a parent you've seen it, you tell a child not to cross a line and they will literally step over an imaginary line in your face. Anyway he gets toward the end of it and he's talking about how to deal with each type of child, their pressures etc., He starts to sound like me ;) I grin and turn to look at Alex who just looks and me as if to say in his best Jack Sparrow voice "There will be no living with her now" I was right, this man who has traveled the country, given speeches and written books is practically quoting me. WOOOHOOOO I have been vindicated! I have someone who is not me say the same exact things I have been telling Alex. YEAAHHHH. Now as we leave I am smiling because of this and am happy the whole way home.

That's when my happiness got mushed and sucked right into the fan of doom. It has been extremely cold here on and off for several days and yesterday the wind was picking up and we had tornado warnings etc., So we pull up in our driveway and we see that the large wood and metal cover which covers our water pump has literally been blown over onto it's side, the heat lamp is dangling and just behind it about 15 feet, is am empty clothes line which was full of clothes before we left. Now, in the middle of mucky grass, 20-40 mph winds, rain and 30 degree weather, Alex and I need to put the top back onto our pump. It's the size of a decent sized dog house for those of you who don't know. Maybe 3 - 3.5 feet high and wide but like 4 - 5 feet deep. So Alex and I prop it on it's back and let it back down from back to front and then I walk over to the clothes line to see if I can see any of our clothes anywhere. I come across some lumps in the yard and grab them, clothes pins and all. The clothes pin holder is gone too. My hands are now frozen and I get into the house warm up and my boys think going out in the pitch black and trying to find our clothes in the freezing cold would be fun. They come back in, the heat lamp is on and plugged in by Alex, and he turns the faucet on and...... there's no water. So I say ok, just let the heat lamp do it's thing cause the water probably froze because of the wind chill. Yeah....... NO. We still don't have any water and now must call the landlord here to come fix it. No toilets, no showers, no washing dishes or clothes.

To top it all off, YES there's more lol, the roads apparently have iced up and after we got up at 6:30 this morning, we find that the schools are opening 2 hours later. So right now I am here with 2 kids that should be in school already and they are making me crazy. I have an appointment for their insurance next week so hopefully their medication isn't too far in the future. It has got to get here soon because they are starting to get antsy in school and I can't have that. They have been working too hard to loose their footing.

So, how was your day?

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