Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow

That's what we lovingly refer to as the entrance to our road. At the end of our road (or the beginning depending on which way you are coming lol) there is a little white church with a graveyard in the back. Once you turn onto our actual road I swear the entrance looks like how I imagined Sleepy Hollow looked. What do you think?

We saw a couple of deer in there too but the images are hard to see as I had to use my cell phone to take the pics and couldn't get as close as I needed. Also it had to be one of those quick action shots lol. We have seen about 6 deer, two skunks (dead peeeyeww) I believe a fox, turkeys, rabbits - oh my lol. I am loving it here. So are the boys so I am sooooo happy. They had a very good weekend this past weekend. Charles said it's the best one he's had in awhile so that made us feel good. His friend William came home with the boys on the bus and left yesterday around 4 in the afternoon lol. We took them to the movies on Saturday and they even took Johnathan with them! While the boys were there Alex and I went to Lowes to dream a little and pick up a few things we needed lol. We picked up some KFC on the way home, got some movies from the video store and shakes from Sonic. So their weekend consisted of hanging out, movies, video games, walking around etc. Friday night they went out for a walk around 7 and at 7:20 a car pulled up in my driveway. Charles walks in and says "Don't get crazy out but can you talk to the officer please?" I nearly flipped! I get up and he can tell by the look on my face that I am really peeved and all he keeps saying is "I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't do anything I promise" I greet the officer at the door and he says that they had received about 4 phone calls about 2 boys walking along the road and they were worried about them. (Insert raised eyebrow emoticon here) Apparently someone had also stopped and offered them a ride which thankfully they declined. But the officer said they weren't doing anything and they were very respectful the whole time. I said good they'll live another day and he laughed. Now, yes it was dark already here and there are no street lights, only the lights from houses and the occasional passing car but it was only 7 PM not 10 or 11 lol While I find it a little excessive for people to get upset over I am happy to know that people pay attention to what is going on and where kids are. So we laughed about it and the policeman went back to his beat. Of course the whole time before I spoke to the officer (things happen so quickly in such a short amount of time) John's tormenting Charles with "You came home with a cop! Mom's gonna beat your apple!" I told my boys if they ever came home with a cop I was gonna beat them so bad God wouldn't recognize them so Charles was nervous even though he hadn't done anything wrong and John just couldn't resist the verbal jabs. So it was a fun weekend lol. On the way home from the movies Saturday two of the boys fell asleep in the back of the car, it was so funny I couldn't resist taking a pic - I didn't have my camera just my cell phone so it's not the greatest but still funny I think.

So how was your weekend?


Doreen said...

lol love the picture of the boys sleeping. Sounds like they are very happy and are having fun. I'm happy for you all.
Love the photo of the road to your place....there's just something about a country road. I feel that everytime I drive down my road too.

Cra-Z-cat said...

just droppin in to say ur story was great.. i enjoyed ur writings today bout ur wkend.. and the cop incident was so funny.. but it is good that they are in a safe place and the neighbors care...

have a wonderful day.. deb

Tracy said...

I agree with the Sleepy Hollow idea LOL. Actually, are you psychic Terrell?? We watched that on TV yesterday LOL. (Not the Johnny Depp version though, sigh) I am so pleased it is working out so well there for you both and especially Charles and Johnathon, sounds like they had a great weekend and I laughed when you said about Johnathon stirring Charles about you "gonna beat his apples!" LOL!! I had a designing weekend as M worked 3 nights straight and was sleeping the rest of the time LOL. Hugs to all!
Tracy XX