Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wow where does the time go?

Well I was sick and in bed for about 5 days and finally have gotten out of the house. I spent time watching movies and petty much that was it. While Alex was at work, the boys would hang out with me and watch movies and get me whatever I needed to drink and stuff. Problem is now I am 5 days behind... again.

I am sitting here at the coffee shop and my tummy is already sore so I am going to give you all a few quick things to read and look at then I am outta here.

Be sure to check out the Divine Digital Grab Bag Sale this weekend - I will be uploading my bag tomorrow morning.

Here are a couple of layouts I did this week. I have been trying very hard to get scrapping done too because I still have hundred of photos that need to be done and that's not including the new ones I take all the time.

We had some snow again this week which resulted in a Snow day at school so the boys were off yesterday. Now they are in school today then tomorrow is supposed to be a half a day which means they get out at 10. I seem to remember half days as being around noon but.....ok lol. What is the point of going in for two hours? I guess it's a minimum requirement thing but it still sounds slightly stupid to me lol.

Well I need to run and get something to eat before I really get sick.

Cya ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Want some cheese with that whine?

Yeah, that's kinda what I say to my boys when they start whining. I HATE whining it goes right up my spine. But I am going to whine now so I figured that yes, I would like some cheese too ;)

This past week the landlord shut our electric off on Monday - a holiday - because she wanted us to put it in our name, it wasn't paid late or anything. No warning that she was going to do it. Since it was a holiday we couldn't get it turned on in our name until Tuesday, of which I also had to whip $180 out of nowhere for the deposit. Charles was home sick - even though the kids had 6 days off because of the weather -because he had a sore throat - thankfully it wasn't strep but he had a red swollen throat and a slight fever of 100. Losing our electric and having us sleep in a freezing house when it was about 25 degrees outside didn't help him any either.

Now let's add on the fact that I have been trying to get a doctor for the boys but because they have ADHD none of the doctors want to take them. They don't want any new patients with ADHD something about them changing meds too much or something. I raised my eyebrow and said "Uhh ok but my boys have been on the same meds for 4 years already, they don't need to bounce around, we know what works for them" SO, now I have to travel like 40 minutes from home to try the doctors in another county and see if I can get them a doctor there. It's ridiculous. Personally I think if you have to change a child's medication more than twice - you might want to get them re-evaluated cause they might not have what they were already diagnosed with. Doctors make mistakes too.

Doreen went AWOL on me and I was worried because the last time I saw her she wasn't feeling well. Thankfully she is fine - she was out galavanting LMBO.

I MISS MY TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has been making her way around Australia helping her Mom and her son for a few weeks now and I miss her terribly. Forget that she make awesome layouts and is a layout Queen I MISS HER. I miss her jokes and her sweetness and I want my Tracy back lol.

OK I'm done with the whine. Wanna see another layout? LOL I used my "Because I Love You" pagekit for this one.

OK I gotta go now. Promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Kit Sampler Freebie ;)

As promised, here is a sampler to go with my new kit "Celebrate A Boy's Spring" These pieces are not included in the original pagekit so even if you have it, you won't have these unless you download it here. As always, please no file sharing. There has been an extreme breakout of file sharing and that is STEALING. I don't care if it's a freebie or not - it is ILLEGAL to post freebies, kits etc. I do this from home so that I can take care of my kids so when you give away my kits you are taking my hard earned money from my kids and that ticks me off.

So, that being said, please enjoy this freebie ;) If you remember, please leave me a little love so I know you were here ;) Just click on the image to be brought to the download folder!

Layout Share

I made these 4 layouts using two of my new kits. The first 3 I used my "Celebrate A Boy's Spring" Pagekit It's on sale for a limited time ;)

This layout I did with my "Dark Love" pagekit.

Keep your eyes peeled because I have a freebie coming your way. It's a Sample of my "Celebrate A Boy's Life" Pagekit. The pieces included in the sampler are NOT in the pagekit so even if you have the pagekit, you won't have these pieces ;)

Cya ;)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Church Valentine's Day Dinner

Yep, the church by our house had a Valentine's Day Dinner and the boys were servers lol. Well only one of my boys, Charles and his friend Danny. John is too young to have helped serve. Poor kid, he really wants to help out more but I guess they worry about them getting hurt and stuff. He's excited about going to Sunday school tomorrow morning because he gets to hang with the little kids - but he gets upset because he has to stay with them for regular mass. He isn't allowed upstairs to mass with his brother.

They looked so shnazzy in their white button down shirts and black pants. LOL They had a good time even though they didn't get any of the real dinner (they got pizza and some leftover chocolate covered strawberries lol) and they have some achy legs after standing on their feet for 4 hours but hey ya know, welcome to the working world. Well, not even the working world because they didn't get paid in money but in pizza and strawberries. I think the chocolate covered strawberries would have been good enough for me lol. I managed to get these pics after they got back because I wasn't quick enough to get them before they left. But hey, something is better than nothing lol.

Thursday we went to Sonics for dinner and the kids had a blast lol. They're not used to getting drive-in service and getting to eat in the car anymore lol. Then we rented some movies, stopped at the Dollar General to grab a couple of bags of junk food and headed home. Friday it was grocery shopping and movie watching then today was more grocery shopping and a stop at Wal-Mart. We've been pretty much hanging out since they got a 6 day weekend. Schools were closed Wednesday for a snow day then they figured they might as well close the schools for the weekend because something like 10% of the kids and teachers were out with the flu. Luckily mine had a bit of a sore throat but nothing more than that. No fever or anything. Now Monday is a holiday so they don't go back until Tuesday. It's rough on my food bill lol.

Well right now the 3 boys are playing Uno and watching more movies lol. We are a big movie family, especially on the days when you can't go out or there isn't anything else to do. Danny's sleeping over so there should be plenty of laughing/arguing/eating until Charles passes out. He almost always passes out first lol. So, I am going to go now, I am working on a few new items and figured I would post this while my action was running. Have a great weekend, and if you have kids..... go check in on them, tuck them in if necessary and kiss their forehead. I bet they wake up in an even better mood than normal if you do ;) Doesn't matter how "grown" they think they are.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Freebie :)

I thought I would share a mini-freebie with you for Valentine's Day. There are two papers, one overlay, two binder clips, 1 rose, 1 heart ribbon and two embroidered hearts for you here ;) Clicking on the image will take you to the download folder ;) Be sure to grab both files.

NO FILE SHARING, I know I say this all the time but I had some of my stuff showing up on sites and it ticks me off. I don't like pirating and I don't expect people to do it. If I continue to find my stuff being posted by others I will just stop offering freebies.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally Friday and a freebie ;)

Wow, isn't it weird how sometimes a day or a week can seem like it's taking forever and yet seem like it went by so fast? Well, either way that's how my week was. Didn't get anywhere with the health insurance for the boys, had alot to do outside of the house so that I could upload stuff and then got a call that I had to go get Charles from school cause he wasn't feeling well, yada yada yada lol. So here I am on Friday still having to come out for a decent connection so I can finish uploading my stuff. Thankfully when the tornados whipped through TN this week they barely skirted us. We got some lousy weather and a power surge but that was about it.

OK enough about me, here is a freebie for you ;) It's a quickpage and I hope you enjoy it ;) I would have had it up sooner for you but hey, you read the paragraph before this one right? LOL Anyway please remember NO FILE SHARING OF ANY KIND. Send people here to download it if you think they would like it. Just click on the image to start your download ;) And a little LOVE never hurts ;)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Layout Share

Layout Share here. There have been so many pics that I have been taking lately and I wanted to make sure that I got them scrapped. Here are 4 of my recent ones. The first set of layouts were done with Modern Boy by JenLin available in the SAS-Y Boutique:

This next set I made using Winter Wonderland by Creative Chaos also available at the SAS-y Boutique:

Don't forget to grab my freebie 1 post down and head over to MOO TWO DESIGNS FORUM to checkout all the wonderful Mardis Gras fun including the Blog Party, Chat and $1 and 50% off sale!!

I have to run, I have an appointment this morning ;) Have a great day!


Welcome to the next stop of our blog parade. Mardi Gras is actually a very ancient celebration dating back to the pagans, but was sanctioned by Pope Gregory XIII when it was added to his calendar. It would not come to the area that would be the United States until 1699. It would be a few more decades before the first New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Woohooo!! It's PARTY TIME at MOO TWO DESIGNS and we have a Blog Party for you to come and enjoy!! Be sure to stop by all of our Blogs to get this HUGE Mardi Gras kit for FREE!! We are also having a chat at 9 PM EST Hosted by our Lovely Melody aka Pebbles!!! Click on the image to go to the download folder. There are 5 files JUST IN MY FREEBIE ALONE!

Want more of the Mardi Gras kit? Go over and throw some beads at Gloria Val Verde's Blog and I am sure she will give you a little something special ;)

Also be sure to stop by and visit the store and experience a little more New Orleans Style Hospitality at our Lagnaippe Sale!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday wrap up

Commercial Use Freebie Friday! Stop on over by the Moo Two Blog to grab this Friday's Commercial Use Freebie! Today's is a wonderful flower overlay ;) Be sure to leave some LOVE when you do ;)

Have you been over to the Moo Two Forums yet to check out Mardi Gras? There will be a chat and a Blog Party & TONS of fun so pick up your beads and make sure your aim is true!!

Come on over to Divine Digital and check out the Grab Bag Sale! Many Grab Bags for Commercial & Personal Use have been offered up just for you! Mine isn't up yet (dial-up, snow days etc have been slowing me down this week) but it will be up there and is over 100 megs of Personal Use LOVE!

Did you get the link for the Stone Accents Studio Newsletter? I posted it a few posts down from here. Be sure to check it out for all of the new freebies, challenges, sales and more! Is your Layout posted in it? Checkout the newsletter to see how you can have your layout posted in the SAS-Y Newsletter and seen by thousands of people!

Just a couple of personal notes. We still do NOT have water. The well guys never came back out here yesterday and I am NOT a happy camper. Today is another snow day and can you believe this? Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be in the middle 50's but then starting on Monday again it's supposed to snow and rain all week. How's that for luck? I have an appointment for the boys medical insurance on Tuesday so I don't know what is going to happen but I do know that if they don't get their meds soon - someone is going to have a nervous breakdown - probably me lol. The roads here are still a little icy but I have to try and get into town today I have alot to upload and what not and we need milk WATER and other stuff lol. Oh well, I hope you have a wonderful day!