Thursday, February 21, 2008

Want some cheese with that whine?

Yeah, that's kinda what I say to my boys when they start whining. I HATE whining it goes right up my spine. But I am going to whine now so I figured that yes, I would like some cheese too ;)

This past week the landlord shut our electric off on Monday - a holiday - because she wanted us to put it in our name, it wasn't paid late or anything. No warning that she was going to do it. Since it was a holiday we couldn't get it turned on in our name until Tuesday, of which I also had to whip $180 out of nowhere for the deposit. Charles was home sick - even though the kids had 6 days off because of the weather -because he had a sore throat - thankfully it wasn't strep but he had a red swollen throat and a slight fever of 100. Losing our electric and having us sleep in a freezing house when it was about 25 degrees outside didn't help him any either.

Now let's add on the fact that I have been trying to get a doctor for the boys but because they have ADHD none of the doctors want to take them. They don't want any new patients with ADHD something about them changing meds too much or something. I raised my eyebrow and said "Uhh ok but my boys have been on the same meds for 4 years already, they don't need to bounce around, we know what works for them" SO, now I have to travel like 40 minutes from home to try the doctors in another county and see if I can get them a doctor there. It's ridiculous. Personally I think if you have to change a child's medication more than twice - you might want to get them re-evaluated cause they might not have what they were already diagnosed with. Doctors make mistakes too.

Doreen went AWOL on me and I was worried because the last time I saw her she wasn't feeling well. Thankfully she is fine - she was out galavanting LMBO.

I MISS MY TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has been making her way around Australia helping her Mom and her son for a few weeks now and I miss her terribly. Forget that she make awesome layouts and is a layout Queen I MISS HER. I miss her jokes and her sweetness and I want my Tracy back lol.

OK I'm done with the whine. Wanna see another layout? LOL I used my "Because I Love You" pagekit for this one.

OK I gotta go now. Promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep ;)


Doreen said...

I don't have any cheese for you, but I love this kit and the LO you did with it. I'm still alive and Jim is home and big hurrah I see Tracy is back. I just ordered PSC3 and can't wait to get it so that is step one for the future. At least three of us will be on the same page give or take a number.

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

Love the layout!! I got some cheese for you!! hee hee Sorry about the doctor thing - always something isn't it? Can't believe that the landlord shut the electric off before telling you and on a holiday at that!! Well, hope your son is feeling better!! Take care my friend!! :)