Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Friday March 7th & my baby is 15!!

He actually made it, I wasn't sure there for awhile whether he would make it to 15, his mouth seems to get him in a world of trouble all the time but God was watching over him and he turns 15 officially at 3:30 pm on the dot. He is sitting here with us at the Coffee Cabinet on his new laptop. He was so happy when he got it and he is enjoying cruising around at warp speed while we are here. He's trying to do everything at once before we have to leave and he's stuck with no internet again lol. He'll have a busy day today. Today was yet another snow day here (they are getting really annoying now, we don't even have snow yet today) he wants me to make him a Chocolate Monkey cake LMBO then tonight he has a Scavenger Hunt at the Church from 10 PM till 6 am!! I didn't believe it till I spoke to the Pastor and saw it announced in the Church Bulletin. They are supposed to be having a cake for him as well since it's his birthday. All in all he is having a good day.

OK onto business.

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Well that's all from me for today. Have a great weekend & remember if you download from people, leave them a little LOVE.

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Tracy said...

I hope he enjoys his cake and Scavenger Hunt! and I hope his tummy is feeling better too Terrell!!
Tracy :)