Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mini Photo Shoot!

Finally, we had the perfect combination this morning. We had the camera with us and it was nice out and we weren't in rush. So we stopped at this little rest spot which is pretty much just a semi-circle off the side of the road into Waverly from our house and took some photos. Still I am not happy lol. I hate taking photos because I always think I look so big. I wear a size 6 for Pete's sake and the pants I am wearing in this photo are a Junior Small so I know I am not disillusioned lol. Oh well, it is still nice to have some new photos of Alex and I. I have been scrapping the same 2 year old photos of us over and over again lol.

Charles' Middle School Prom - Semi-Formal - Mixer - WHATEVER is this Saturday night so I am trying to wait patiently to get the form for pictures. If I get too antsy I may just stop at the school on our way home later and ask for one. He doesn't want to take pictures but TOO BAD lol. I want photos taken darn it! We are going to get his clothes Friday and OMG Guess What? He asked for "regular" clothes!! You know, the kind that don't sag down his butt!! I couldn't believe it, he even asked for a tie!! I nearly fell over! Either he is growing up or trying to give me a heart attack and kill me lmbo. When I figure out which I will let you know! Haa haa.

OK gotta fly! BBL!

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Doreen said...

love the photos. I thought you looked pretty good in them...both of you.

yup the kid is growing up