Monday, April 7, 2008

Surprisingly busy weekend

WOW what a weekend. We were all prepared for our regular relaxing weekend but it did not turn out that way. First we found out that the scavenger hunt which had to be postponed on Charles' birthday was rescheduled for Friday. Charles & Danny (who is like a family member now - it's weird when he isn't here lol) left the house at around 9:45 Friday night and headed to the church. At about 10:45 they came back with the Pastor and needed a piece of cardboard to make a sign and a can of tuna fish LMBO. Charles was rushing and running like a maniac through the house. Then they left and called us at 12:45 because now he needed a baby picture of himself. They had to get a photo of someone picking their nose at a stop light and for 400 extra points they had to pick up road kill ROFLMBO. I am surprised Charles didn't get sick right there but he wanted to win. His team consisted of him, Danny (of course lol) and another kid named Cody (I think). Well anyway, road kill and all paid off. They won first place! They each got a medal, a gift certificate to the local movie rental place and a gift certificate to Dairy Queen! He was laughing so hard when he was telling me about the road kill and he got home at 6:50 the next morning! They were back at the church by 2 but then they tallied everything, ate a ton of food and all passed out. Well until Charles' snoring kept people up and they smacked him with Pepperoni LOL. Here he is sporting his medal:

Yes now wait, there's more. Saturday he slept a little of the morning (which is when I took the photo) then we hung out and watched movies and stuff. John went to his friends house so the house was really quiet.

Saturday night Danny came over and spent the night - apparently to germinate on us cause he had one of those "foghorn" coughs that rattled the frame of the house lol. They all passed out by midnight but come Sunday morning John was up bright and early because he needed to be at the church at 6:30 to help set up. Set up for what you may ask? A Carnival/Picnic of course! Pffftt, I had no idea. So they both went to services and stayed for the celebration afterwards. John came home with oodles of candy and balloons and he had one of those squiggly mustaches painted on his face like Snidely Whiplash ROFLMBO. Of course the boys sent a balloon up to heaven for their Dad. It's something we do on all the holidays and on his birthday. Charles was hanging with Pastor Scott and they were doing pull-ups on the pavilion lol. After they got back John went back over to Ethan's house and Charles, Danny & I watched a movie and then Danny went home. John ate dinner over there and Charles & I ate at home then played with the puppies from the neighbor next door. They are soooo cute aren't they?

(**Edited to say I was typing another whole paragraph and Blogger blinked and erased it all so this paragraph may not be as interesting because I am angry that I have to redo it all again arghhhhh)

ANYWAY, after Dinner Charles & I walked the 1/4 mile to Ethan's house to pick up John. He usually gets a ride back but I keep telling him not to, that he needs to leave early enough to be home before dark because it's not right to take advantage of someone's kindness. Alex works nights so we don't have the car otherwise I would get him. Anyway on the way home, the boys led me through the darkness. Why did they have to lead me ? Because one of my contact lenses had started making my eye tear so I took it out and because I have night blindness so I don't see very well. So now I was not only having a hard time with what I was seeing and telling what things were because of the night blindness but now I had only one contact in (I am legally blind with a -1100 in both eyes lol) so now I had depth perception issues as well lol. It was funny, one child on each side of me holding my arms and laughing at me. At one point I asked if that was mud or a ditch off to our right and Charles was like " Oh my God Ma! You really are blind. Come on let's walk over and see what it is" I was like "Nuh Uh !" and John was just laughing away. Then they were each holding my hand and started swinging my arms. So I said "Hey ya know if ya swing hard enough we may build up momentum and fly home" Wrong, bad, bad thing to say LOL The next thing ya know they are both swinging my arms away feverishly lol. Needless to say my theory was wrong and we had to walk the rest of the way lol.

Anyway, that was our weekend, it was fun and too darn short lol. I did mange though - on a business note - to get 6 new items completed and they will all be in the store by Wednesday the latest ;)3 new kits and 3 new commercial items and this is in addition to the Commercial Use Grab Bag I have up ;)

OK gotta go. Take care, have fun and scrap it all ;)


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Tracy said...

Wow you guys really had a fun and busy weekend LOL!! Love the freebie too hun!!
Tracy XX