Saturday, September 6, 2008

Computer woes....

So there have been at least 4 power surges over this past week - that know of - and apparently they have really taken a toll on my surge protector/battery backup which was on it's way out as it was. Now today there was some sort of a surge - apparently only over in that corner of the living room and it set off my battery backup. It's incessant whining was going right through me but normally you go over and push the button, wait a minute then push the button again and voila it's fine. Not tonight, nooooooo. I reset it 4 times and every time it would start with the whining again. So now, because I also don't know where Alex put the other surge protector, I can't turn my computer on which also means I can't design anything. I am fit to be tied. Well my plans were botched for today in big part because of this, so I am all out of whack now. I hope he can either fix it or find the other surge protector.

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