Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am sooo sorry but I do have a freebie for you

With everything going on here this past month I totally missed my two days to give away my portion of the Passionately Pink freebie. 100% my fault and for that I apologize (even to the people who sent me nasty e-mails) I hope this helps make up for it. Please enjoy it and accept my apologies. As always NO FILE SHARING and if you think someone would like this send them here to my blog to grab it ok? Click on the image to be take to your download.


Anonymous said...

What, your not sitting at your computer pumping out freebies for us? You have a life? You have a lot on your plate and overlooked this? Well............. congrats because you have shown that you are human. No..... you are a very generous and considerate human being. THANK YOU!

As for those e-mails I hope you pushed the delete button real fast.

krissej69 said...

Thank you the wonderful gift, it's so pretty! No apology needed, life happens and after all these are freebies, I can't believe people have the nerve to even send an email! You are so generous all year through with your wonderful designs, thank you.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Leslie!!!!
TY so very much for the LOVELY goody!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephyz said...

I think you're a doll showing us some love! I shall tell credit you about this pack when I use it& THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

Lots & lots of love,
Steph :)

Anonymous said...

Please don't worry about those nasty emails. There are some people out there with nothing better to do than complain! They should be greatful for the wonderful thing you are doing for others...sharing things for free. Thank you so much for this freebie it is adorable.

Stash Empress said...

thanks for the lovely freebie, sorry you've been having a rough time! hope things get better & don't let the meanies get you down! (the nerve of ppl sending a nasty email because you didn't give them a freebie when they were expecting it? like they're paying or something???? my mother always taught me that when someone gives you a present you smile & say thank you!) {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

crlin said...

Thank you so much!!! Don't worry about the mean people - they deserve to not get anything!! These are free gifts and they have no right to complain!! I appreciate that you gave them to us anyway in spite of the bad e-mails. I might have been inclined to say "forget it"!!! Hugs!!!

Tracy said...

Gorgeous Mini Terrell, I say ignore the losers who are ignorant enough to have a go at you, they obviously aren't avid Terrell Blog Readers and so probably won't be back, they are of the breed that just searches for freebies and only visit your blog when you are giving them something. I come firstly to read your blog and secondly for the awesome goodies you always come up with.
I am intrigued that Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 keeps calling you Leslie!! Am I missing something here? Hmmm.
Thanks for the pretty mini Hun! Glad things are starting to settle down a bit.
Hugs and smooches girlfriend!!!

TifLyn said...

Wow, what a cute freebie! I too am so glad you posted for us!
I get so upset when I read that people have the nerve to be angry or rude about not getting a freebie! I mean, come on - it IS a freebie! They do not know and appreciate all the hard work and time that goes into making the freebie plus the upload to your blog, etc. I mean how ungrateful can you be to be rude about not getting a freebie???
I am bad about commenting - I may not always do that - but I am always greatful. And I never share. And I always credit when a freebie is used.
I just found your site for the 1st time thru this event at Divine for BC Awareness. I believe you and your fellow designers are doing a wonderful thing to help promote the research and hopefully donation to research of BC! Thank you for that also!
Hugs, Tif

angmag55 said...

Oh My God!!! TerrelS you should not have a life it should be dedicated to just handing out freebies to thankless people who have no life but to complain that they didn't get their freebies!!! Jeeze like ok maybe someone was sick or what ever other emergencies in life happen. I cannot believe people would E-mail complaining or yelling at you in any way shape or form!!! Next time they do it tell them you don't work for Wal-Mart so you don't have to be treated like some low life slug that is there working their butts off trying to Please their Royal Butts!!!
I think there should be a notice put up reminding People that you are only Human not Super Human and any and all complaints about freebies can be sent to Divine Trash Bin in Care of Selfishness!!!!

fran b said...

Thanks for this pink kit!Very cute!

KrisG said...

Life gets in the way, huh? I definitely understand that! No need to apologize! There may be people out there that don't get the "life" thing, but to "heck" with them, haha. Anyway, thank you for your awesome creation! I don't follow many "blog hops", but my sister died a couple years ago from breast cancer and this IMPORTANT! Thank you for your fabulous contribution.... this will help in my special dedication to SIS. Hugz

Anonymous said...

Life doesn't always go as planned - we take it as it comes!

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous "pink" designs. I really like the flower and bead cluster.
I love pink, one of my favorite colors for sharing pages of my little granddaughters.