Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Foliage & FOOD!!

OMG One thing I really missed in Florida was the change of seasons. One day it was summer then boom for about 2 weeks it was winter. Palm trees don't exactly change colors either and they don't have the same effect when they are decorated with Christmas items. Now it will be almost a year since we moved to Tennessee and I must admit, we do love it. 99% of the people are awesome, the countryside is beautiful and the change of seasons reminds me of memories I had as a child. I have a bunch of photos already but Alex remarked just yesterday morning how Autumn's colors have really taken a hold of the scenery and we will be going for a walk today. I am hoping to get some really wonderful shots of it to share with you ;)

On the Beneficial/Detrimental Fence of Autumn there is FOOD. OMG One of my favorites - beef stew with dumplings (NOT xlarge noodles but dumplings), autumn soup, sancocho, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, mashed sweet potatos with marshmallows, espresso brownies, my own thumbprint raspberry cookies, etc. etc. etc. (Movies - The King & I lol) I can hear the pounds packing on and I haven't even started cooking yet! Never mind the "Heart Attack in a bite" factor.

Well I have TWO great challenges going on regarding recipes if you are interested in playing!
Check back in a bit and I will tell you how to get in on the fun!

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