Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wow long time no blog

Between FaceBook and Twitter I haven't been blogging much sorry :( I am hoping things will be back to normal starting on Monday. Just have to organize ourselves here. School ended but Charles has summer school now so we had to change our schedule. The boys have dentist and doctor appts all summer so that hopefully they won't have to miss too much school next year.

Tomorrow is John's dr appt in Nashville for his knee, hopefully that will all turn out ok So anyway hopefully starting Monday things will get back on track.

If you missed my sale at Divine Digital, sorry, I have pulled the plug on it but you can get 50% off of $20 or more still. My Block Party Freebies are still available here so if you haven't snagged them yet you still have time.

Here is a preview of my latest design uploaded to Divine Digital:

OK gotta go. Have a great night!

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