Monday, March 2, 2009

Quicky update ;)

How do you get brothers to stop fighting and help the younger one earn a little respect? Give the older one his birthday gift a few days early and let them put it together. Yep Charles & John have been at each other for the past few days to the point that they almost got into a full blown fist fight. Besides the fact that acquiring their meds is still a week off there is the whole "Let's fight for the position of the Alpha Male even though there is already an Adult Alpha Male in the house and we would still only come in second" syndrome going on. Charles being the older brother, feels he is so much wiser, stronger and tougher than his 12 year old brother. Now while it is true that Charles does not have to actually work out to get a fairly "ripped" or chiseled body, John has mass on his side, the boy is thick and when he starts to work out he is going to be huge. But back to the whole thing regarding the Birthday gift - Charles will be 16 this Saturday and as you probably already know he is joining football. He had asked for a weight bench set for Christmas but we couldn't swing it so instead we got it for him for his birthday. Our plan had been to build it for him while he was at school and let him come home and find it but since the endless arguing had started we came up with an alternative plan. John loves to work with his hands and build things so.........we figured if we got the work bench the boys could build it together and John, in turn, could earn a little respect. Everytime they would call us we said "Read the instructions" About 5 times you could hear Charles say "How did you do that? How did you know that?" At one point he was telling John - very loudly - "Tighten this, tighten this!" John with his ever present sarcastic yet smooth attitude replied "I got this, go text someone" ROFLMAO I couldn't stop laughing. So our plan, worked like a charm ;)

That was Sunday night, Saturday was a little annoying because I had been uploading my files to Divine Digital at the Library and trying to get them into my boutique. I managed to get one kit up and had only 2.9 megs left to go to upload the second when we lost power. I had uploaded over 80 megs on that second kit now I have to try it again today. I was so annoyed. I was putting the first kit in the boutique so while I was mildly annoyed that it got interrupted I was more angry that my upload had pooped out on me. I really hate not having internet at home. Either way I have been able to get a few new kits into my Boutiques and as always they are 50% off for the first week so be sure to check back often to get a great deal!

Gotta run for now, I have made a few emoticons that I thought were just too cool and am trying to figure out how to share them with you all ;) Plus, of course, I need to get more designs in my boutiques ;)