Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mini Vacation - Long Holiday Premise??

Egads, so we were up until 6 am this morning working and designing etc. At 9 am my youngest knocks on the door and announces that it is time to get up....... yeah.... uhhhhh NO lol. We ended up getting up at 12 and my oldest left with his best friend to go somewhere "really quick" As of now he is not back lol. We are waiting on him now so we can go run our errands. He doesn't have the keys so if we go and he comes back, he is stuck. Argh. I need to run out and get things done before people who are working get home and start running their errands. I am not in the mood to fight crowds. I am going to get my nails done (have been saving my pennies - literally lol) run to the bank, get the car filled up with gas (we have a 45 minute trip each way tomorrow to my Sister-In-Laws house) get some marshmallows for my sweet potatos. Then I need to make the sweet potatos - I'm making about 10 lbs worth since there are at least 25 of us for Thanksgiving every year and two batches of brownies. That's my contribution every year. Sometimes I make my special cookies as well as a prelude to Christmas but this year I don't have the time nor the patience to make some early. So it will be one batch of Espresso brownies and one batch of marble brownies and the mashed sweet potatos with marshmallows. Guess I will get some other stuff done in the meantime so I don't get crazy. Then later this evening I have to work with Charles to get his schoolwork finished up so he is caught up and get it all submitted. I already told them I am not cooking tonight, it's leftover night. There's sauce and pasta, chicken, and some veggies and what not in the fridge. We usually have leftovers on Friday but this week is different, that's why there isn't a whole bunch of different choices left, still there is plenty to eat.

So I am off for now, go get some work done and wait for Charles to get back.

That's how I see it...............