Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yesterday in the hospital.....

Sigh, yes yesterday was John's first day of 5th Grade and his first time for stitches. He met up with his brother after school and told him to get on the back of his bike. Well, Charles decided to get off the bike and pushed himself off and tipped the whole bike sending them both flying. John flew onto the car stop and cut his knee open and ended up getting 8 stitches.

It was definitely a day he will never forget lol. I used my cell phone to take the photos lol. The Doctor thought it was funny. Today he showed me that he has already learned how to move backwards with his crutches lol. He can also open a door and turn a light switch on and off. Oh Goodie lol. His teacher said he put them by his desk and got hit in the head with them when he leaned over LOL. She couldn't stop chuckling. He is getting special treatment wherever he goes lol. He is getting free snacks for the two weeks until he gets his stitches out and gets to ride the elevator at school. I told him, don't get used to it cause if you hurt yourself on purpose, you're in trouble lol.

I gotta go for now and finish packaging up my old kits and some new ones for the Stone Accents Grand Opening coming soon! Ahhh, and maybe a newsletter, packed with goodies???? Hmmmmmm.... Be sure and check out the other SAS-Y Designer's Blogs, they are giving away freebies too! And if you haven't grabbed them yet I have posted 6 Quickpages here on my blog over the last week or so ;)