Friday, November 24, 2006

Still Stuffed?

Well I am lol. No, not really but I was until about 10 or 11 this morning. I ate like a pig then the dessert came out. Oh boy, that was the end of me. We got home around 11 or so I believe, then I stayed up all night. Haven't gone to bed yet. Well, come on, it was Black Friday, had to get in some shopping. Didn't do too bad either. Well we had a nice time and took some pics with my nieces camera because we left ours home! [img][/img] Sigh... ANYWAY we used my nieces camera but now I have to wait for her to e-mail me the pics, I am hoping she doesn'y forget and sends them tonight. I also asked everyone for their recipes. Guess for now I can go ahead and start scrapping mine. We went to Bed Bath & Beyond (One of our FAVORITE stores) and got 7 photo albums so I am ready in that aspect anyway. Gotta go try and stay awake for awhile then pass out lol.

That's the way I saw it.........................