Saturday, April 7, 2007

Vote for your Favorite!

We have a little impromptu poll going on right now over at Digi Scrap Central! There are five banners on display in the forums, vote for your favorite now! The winning banner will be used as the new DSC Forums Banner and there will be a little gift to those who vote after the winner is chosen! Vote Now!!

Part II of my Spring Freebie is here!

Here is another part of my Spring Kit freebie. There are stickers in this part ;) There are 5 stickers and 2 ribbons. The stickers are on the same png file so you will need to trim them out before using them. As always, please don't share this file but send people here to my blog to download. Click on the image to begin your download. As always, a little LOVE is appreciated, especially if you download this ;)

I hate being sick

but I am. I can't deny it or shake it off anymore. Blah, I have one of those tummy things. Right now I am just at the "Who hit me with that truck and did anyone get the license plate number?" stage. Still a littl queasy too but not bad. But I will think that I will spend the rest of the day in bed being bleh lol. I have to run and get a couple of things for Easter for the boys and then, I am done for the day.

This little pack of stickers will be available in the Scrap Shop before the weekend is over - and just in time to still use the 50% off Coupon ;)

Have a good day, I need to post your freebie and get to the store and back so I can be lazy the rest of the day! LOL