Monday, June 30, 2008

HB America Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of my Happy Birthday America download. So far there are 4 downloads in all. I think I am done creating but you never know lol. You can click on the image to be taken to your download. PLEASE NO FILE SHARING. This kit is for Personal Use ONLY.

It's Monday so I am really busy. I will try to get back in a little while with a Boutique update ;)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday America FREEBIE!!

To help all my fellow Americans celebrate their Freedom I am giving away a piece of my new mega kit "Happy Birthday America" today. The rest of the kit will follow in pieces until Friday July 4th ;) This part of the kit is a little more rustic than the rest so I bundled it up together for you to have them all at one time. The entire kit is over 100 megs. Please remember to NOT SHARE FILES. You can click on the image to be taken to your download for today.

Have a wonderful weekend! I may be back with another post in a little while ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Products in my Boutiques

These are what I have been working on for the past week or so. I have 4 sets right now and am still working on the add-ons and a few different scenes/sets for you.

They are available at both my Divine Digital and Stone Accents Studio Boutiques at 50% off for the first week!!

I hope you enjoy them!

Don't forget to get over to Divine Digital for the June DAD - "Daddy's Candy" Today is Day 24!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I hate Mondays

Mondays always drag for me. How can a day go so quickly yet seem to drag on forever. First we heard the sad news of the passing of George Carlin this morning. Very sad, he was someone that I really loved to listen to and quite often agreed with.

Then there is this post from my dear, sweet friend Candee. She is having a very difficult time, so please, do me a favor, check out her blog and leave her some love. She could really use it right now.


So sad, my heart breaks for her. If we lived closer together, we would definitely be partners in crime lol. Love you Candee BIG HUGS

There will be another post from me here in a bit.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Funny how things happen

It's amazing how things happen. Here's my little story, you can skip down to the bottom for the Scrapping news if you don't want to read this. So we came home Tuesday afternoon, the boys had gone to the pool and had a great time. I had issues because the internet kept going in and out so I was frustrated and didn't get much done like I had wanted to. So we get home and our neighbor and friend, Bill, knew that our lawnmower had died and we were putting it in the shop so he came over with his ride on and started mowing our lawn for us. Alex went outside to talk to him and say thank you and after about 15 minutes Charles comes in and I asked him who was riding the mower, I figured it was Alex because.... well you know.... men and their toys lol. But nope, it was John!! I thought he was kidding but he wasn't. Check out my little boy:

Now, next door the neighbors have what I call a "Yip & Nip" It's a little fur ball dog that only barks that shrill bark and then nips at your ankles and will jump up and bit your shirt. Now I LOVE ANIMALS but I would like to use this furball to wash my car. ANYWAY while John was mowing the lawn this dog was running after something and what John found was two baby rabbits. The stupid Yip & Nip bit one of them and apparently punctured it's lung. After a few moments it died. The other one they held for awhile then John put her back where he found her. About 2 hours later she was still sitting there sooooooo..... we have a critter. The mother probably won't be bothered with her now that she has human scent on her. Poor John he didn't realize it, he just wanted to hep. So now we have a bunny named Lucky lol. John was up that night every hour feeding her with an eye dropper. At first she wouldn't eat but she eats two droppers full about every hour or two and she is jumping an exploring lol.

OK Onto Scrapping News before I have to leave for home.

Stand UP and SCRAP...."The Great Divine Digi-Scrap Design Out!"

Check out Divine Digital this weekend for an awesome sale! From Friday June 20th through the 22nd Designs are between 30% & 70% off! Most of my Designs - INCLUDING COMMERCIAL USE - are $2.00!!
You can shop my Boutique here:


Also don't forget about the Divine Digital DAD for June. This month's DAD "Daddy's Candy" is a collaboration from Karen Heckyeah, Wetfish Designs & Myself! Today is day 19 of the downloads! You can find the thread here:


Alternatively you can check out my Boutique over at Moo Two Designs for my 50% off sale! My Designs will no longer be available there as of July 1st as I have resigned from the Farm.

Don't forget to stop on by at Stone Accents Studio for new challenges, great prizes and lots of fun! As always my new Designs go on sale for 50% off for the first week! I am a little behind with my new SAS-Y Impromptu Challenge so it will be starting tomorrow ;) Here is a preview of the posting bonus you can get if you join in on our fun ;)

OK gotta run. Have a GREAT DAY!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bee-lieve it Freebie!

While making my newest kit I made some items which didn't quite fit in with the style of the kit so I have decided to offer them up as a freebie ;) I call it "Bee-lieve It" Most of the items have little bees on them and it's done in blue as you can see in the preview. I hope you enjoy it! You can click on the preview to be taken to your download. Remember this kit is PERSONAL USE ONLY and don't share this with anyone else in any form. You can send people here to download if you want ;) Also a little love goes a long way.

I have to make this short today the boys have a doctor's appointment. Have a great day and enjoy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I know, I have been a bad blogger. Busy, busy busy lol. But I think you will really like what I have been doing. You should see the end result next week ;)

For now though, here is what I have for you:

WOW Here is the link for the Stone Accents Newsletter! This doesn't happen too often, you usually have to be signed up for the newsletter but here it is:


It's got all the latest news and, of course, FREEBIES!!!

Today is day 12 of the DIVINE DIGITAL DAD! This month's kit is a collaboration between Karen Heckyeah, Wetfish Designs & Myself! Be sure to head on over to the Divine Digital Forums to get your part today!!

Here's a preview of Week Three:

That's it for now. Have a GREAT day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Just a quick note

It was brought to my attention that I had inadvertently incorrectly advertised my You Did it Graduation Mega Kit. Originally I had 41 papers in it, but at the last minute I felt that there were 4 papers which just did not belong in the kit so I removed them However I forgot to correct my description of the kit and change it from 41 papers to 37. I apologize for this inconvenience and hope that it has not caused anyone any grief.

Yep I didn't do it

I haven't posted since May 30th! Tracy let me know that the other day in an e-mail. I have been a little busy here. I tried to get up my Divine Grab Bag but time wouldn't allow me then I lost connection while uploading it on Friday and had to restart. So needless to say there will not be a PU Grab Bag from me this month. I will be putting the items in the Boutique though for 50% off so you will still be able to get them for a great deal! Here are some previews:

So I hope you like them!

Have you been visiting the Divine Digital Forums to get your Father's Day DAD? It's called Daddy's Candy and today is day ten of your downloads. Check out these previews:

I am going to make this post short. Just wanted everyone to know that I was alive (maybe I still am lol) and that I am just up to my ears in things. Plus, don't forget the boys are home for the summer now too so things are a little different. John is working his tail off and Charles is hanging out with his friends..... mostly at our house lol. So we always have a bunch of boys at the house, unless we are not there then he goes to their house. We have been playing cards every night too. We taught one of his friends Danny (my almost 3rd son lol) last night how to play "Speed" it's a fun card game. Charles almost beat me. Key word being "ALMOST" lol. Ahhhh grasshopper, you will never surpass your Master" ROFLMBO. OK gotta run.

Oh and just for a teaser, do you like fantasy? Do you have children to scrap? Hmmmm, you might want to keep checking out my boutiques for the next week or so. There may be a magical surprise there fr you ;)