Thursday, April 5, 2007

Did you know?

That there are a bunch of changes and things going on over at DigiScrapCentral? (Besides my 50% off coupon at the bottom of this post) WOW, I'm dizzy from all of the happenings going on there. Check this out:

New Format:

The site is undergoing a facelift with new colors and a new format! Check out the awesome new look HERE in the forums.


We are up to link 8 now. Links 6 and 7 are still available. Remember it is a "Treasure Hunt" that means you need to hunt for the treasures ;) Don't worry though, all of the links are in the forums and we give you easy clues to find them ;)


I am hosting both the Sketch Challenge and the Movie Quote Challenge. There is also the Elements Challenge Hosted by Cookie and the Color Challenge Hosted by Lynncal. Be sure to stop by for some great fun and prizes!


Nature's Beauty by Shannon F - Natures beauty kit is a wonderful kit to scrap all of those great outdoor photos. It has 12 wonderfuly textured solid,striped, and printed papers. 15 elements including ribbons, frames, wire, twisetd ribbon and wires, tied raffia bow, patches and a doodle. A beautiful kit to add to any nature lovers collection.

Butterfly PageKit by Shannon F - Butterfly is a beautiful kit. It has 8 papers 4 solid and 4 printed with great texture. It includes 1 boarder and 8 elements such as Ribbons, buttons, an envelope, metal and glass butterfly's. A lovely springy kit to add to your collection. Don't miss the add-on elements pack.

Gail's Spring Doodles by Gail Cook - Kit for lots and lots of your spring pages!

The Essence of Spring Pagekit - Collaborative - The Essence of Spring will take you down a country lane filled with bright spring colors, spring flowers and even a bunny or two hopping across in front of you. You can't go wrong with this collab kit from the Shannon, Laura Pitman and Ronda filled with bright beautiful backgrounds and more elements that we couldn't show in the preview. Join us as we celebrate one year of Digiscrap Central together and celebrate the essence of spring after a long winter.

Dark Romance Pagekit - By TERRELLS - Deep, rich colors along with elements of love and nature comprise this wonderfully romantic kit. There are 6 papers and 13 elements including butterflies, hearts and ribbons to embellish your favorite photos. Add-On paper pack also available!

Egyptian Nirvana - by TERRELLS - You asked for it, you got it! This wonderful Egyptian Styled kit contains 9 highly textured papers to help you create amazing backgrounds for your layouts. The 28 elements include wordart, charms, ribbons and trims all to adorn your favorite photos.

Tripping into Spring - by TERRELLS - This wonderfully pastel kit has 15 plaid, flowered and crystal papers. 30 elements will help you adorn your favorite photos for the Easter Holiday or any Spring theme! Included are stamps, ribbons, flowers, a journaling paper and more to help you enjoy "Tripping into Spring"

Special Thanks to LittleFox ;)

There are even more great new kits available from Laura Pitman and Cat Scrap Fever so be sure to check them all out in the SCRAP SHOP!

Just in time for Easter I am offering up 50% off of my Designs. This coupon is good from April 6th through April 8th only. Use the code "GoodEaster" (no "") and get 50% off of my designs! Don't miss it because I won't be doing it again anytime soon ;)

Plaid Pastels Freebie

Today I am starting my Spring Kit freebies ;) Here's a few pastel plaid papers (boy say that 10 times fast lol) something a little springy ;) Just click on the preview to download. There will be a few more parts to this kit so keep an eye out ;) Please remember to send people here to my Blog to download, don't give them the files ok? As always a little love is appreciated (especially if you download these) Thanks a bunch and Enjoy!

Oh yeah, it's a rant BellSouth/ AT&T BITES

Uh huh, check this out. For those of you who don't know these people have been messing up my account for a dog's age and finally they disconnected me on February 14th (yep Happy Valentine's Day) Check out this portion of the bill that I got today online (I have e-mail notifications sent)

BellSouth Charges $32.95 as of Mar 29, 2007
Local $0.00 View Section

Long Distance ---

Internet $32.95 View Section

Wireless ---

Current Month's Charges $32.95 as of Mar 29, 2007

Total Amount Due $199.90 as of Mar 29, 2007 More Info

These people are on crack, they really need to put the drugs and/or alcohol aside and pay attention. I have NOT had any phone service since February 14th (for which they gave me an incomplete credit of $54 for 4 weeks)NOTE they did not charge me for telephone service BUT they charged me for internet service! You can't have internet service without freaking phone service. So now they owe me another $32.95 off my bill PLUS they owe me for the February bill which bills for February 28 - March 29th which is like $120because AGAIN they double billed me for internet service. Conveniently the bill from March 1 is not available to view...? (insert raised eyebrow emoticon here) I owe them about $40 or so dollars and I told them I am not paying anything until they make the proper adjustments to my bill. So now, since I got the e-mail after 7:00 PM, I have to call them in the morning and ask them just how stupid do you have to be to be a BellSouth/AT&T representative. I mean is it a prerequisite to work there? Do you HAVE to be an idiot or is it just a bonus if you are one before you start working there? Do they train these people to be stupid, or is it a natural talent? I'm really curious because this is just about the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life. I know, I am being nasty and probably boring you to tears (if you have made it this far through this rant lol) but for crying out loud, when is the government or somebody going to grab these turkeys by their wattles and verbally and monetarily smack them around until they shape up? I have since gotten Vonage and have internet through the cable company - so for those of you who think you are stuck with your own current telephone atrocity - never fear there is a way out. OK going to drop this now.

On the upside, Alex's interview this morning went very well and he is hopeful so we are keeping our fingers crossed. And I am sending out a very special thanks to my dear friend "J-MB, Esquire" a very dear friend of mine who has been lighting the way for us. MWAH!