Monday, November 20, 2006

OK My First Freebie!!

So here it is, my first freebie being offered up. This is a small kit 21mg out of the zip file 14 in it lol. It'cs called Recipe Kit and contains 4 papers, 6 different recipe cards, one layover, 2 wooden spoons and 5 different Chef Hats. All done at 300 ppi jpgs and pngs.

This year I wanted to put together a family cookbook so I made this. After gathering all of the recipes you can scrap them, print them out onto photo paper and place them in a pretty (or rugged - depending on who you are giving it to lol) photo album. I find that the albums which hold 4X6 photos are the best ones. Two photos per page and you can seperate it according to recipe or according to whose recipe it is. Say you have Grandma's recipes for sauce, roast beef, etc. Make a printable 4X6 scrap of her photo and place it in the album. In the slot below it, put a small bio about her. Follow this page up with all of her scrapped recipes. When you are done with hers and ready for the next family member repeat the process! It's a nice way to keep memories and the recipes! They make great gifts too!
Anyway, here is the link for the zip file, ENJOY and Happy Holidays!

Still playing with the html

Ok so while this blogger allows me much more fleibility, I am still having issues trying to get things aligned the way I want them. I want three columns not two but I can't find another template similar to this one. So now that means I am going to have to go into the html, change the code in there to allow for another floating column on the right AND readjust the margins on this thing. I am NOT in the mood for that lol. It's also not allowing me to put my vertical slideshow on the left side which is why it is temporarily listed in my postings. I don't know why it works there but not in the column. I have too much to do though right now to sit here and play with it. So for now please excuse the condition of this blog it will get better, I promise.

My Renders and WIPS

Sorry if you feel lost

But, I had to change my Blog. I had started it on my own website but the free blog I had gotten just really drove me nuts so I decided to post here instead. All of my Freebie links will point to my website and should just open a direct link for you. That's right - NO WAITING TO DOWNLOAD, no "You have reached your maximum amount of downloads" none of that pitb stuff. Freebies should start going up next week. I would go on and finish setting up this blog but it is already 2:36 am and my brain just can't handle html coding right now lol. So for now it's buh bye and CU l8tr ;)

That's the way it IS for now.....

My LO's

It must be me (From 10-28-06)

Ok so my 10 year old son has made a new friend in the neighborhood. We live in an apartment complex so usually he makes a friend and within 6 months, they are gone because they were just staying here until their new house was built or whatever. Anyway, nice kid, a little talkative lol and very intelligent. Very polite, shakes your hand and keeps you laughing. So I say, ask his Dad if it’s ok if he goes with us to the book store later. OK fine, yes he can go cool. While we are in the bookstore it becomes “Can he stay for dinner?” Ok sure but oh wait - he’s Jewish and I had taken out pork chops for dinner! ACK. Ok fine, no biggie, we’ll stop at the grocery store and grab one of those rotisserie chickens and save the chops for tomorrow. By the time we are done at the book store and stopping for dinner and get home, it’s just about 10 pm. Now I am putting the food out and making some veggies to go with the chicken and it becomes, can he have macaroni and cheese? Excuse me? Do I look like a freakin restaurant to you? I already changed the menu once, now he wants something else? Then he is on the phone with his mother and she wants to know if she brings over pasta, can I make it for him? I was unaware of the fact that it is Friday and he is not allowed to eat meat on Friday. There was no school today so I keep thinking it’s Saturday. OK fine, now I am making the pasta and the chicken dinner for the rest of us is getting cold. SIGH. So I tell him, “Honey you are an outspoken individual” (YES you can talk to him and he understands, he is 12 and talks like an adult lol) I said instead of getting me annoyed, you should have said “It’s Friday I can’t eat meat” So he laughs and says ok next time when something like this comes up he will say something instead of skirting around the issue. Ok fine. So now it’s about 11 pm and I say honey what time do you have to be home? He says (as he folds his arms and grins ) “Well that’s the thing, as long as I don’t wake up my Dad or come home drunk or bleeding I can go home anytime.” EXCUSE ME? AND HE WAS SERIOUS!!!
So now Alex and I just look at each other like uhhh ok. He lives in the building behind ours literally about 40 - 50 feet away but still…….. Wait it get’s better. So now it’s after midnight and my son comes in and says “He has to go to his Mom’s house now, drive him” Again I’m like “Excuse me?” He says please drive him. Where’s his Dad? Sleeping, once it hits 10 he’s out cold. ??? I’m like uummmm not our responsibility and I thought he was going to his Mom’s house tomorrow not tonight. I said to the kid, “Honey I know it’s not your fault or whatever but we aren’t responsible for taking you back and forth between your parents.” Alex took him. I have been sitting here shaking my head and just amazed ever since. I mean WTF? 12 years old and then Alex gets back and says that he and the kid were talking and Alex said something to the effect of I’m not going to let you walk because someone your age being out this late at night alone just doesn’t sit well with me. Know what the kids response was? Are you sitting down? “It’s ok they have a $5million policy out on me anyway” (Insert wide eyed and fuming emoticon here) What must that child think? It’s ok if I die cause my parents will get a ton of money? I have a 13 year old who is allowed out till 10:30 ONLY when on Friday he goes to Church or he goes to the movies and either one of us or one of the other parents I know well is picking them up. Other than that home by 9 I don’t give a flying fig what is going on. He’s on the phone till unGodly hours and online but he is home. I speak to all his friends - most of them call me Mom - I have the Kool-Aid house lol(for lack of a better term)
So now , of course, I tell John he has a snowballs chance in Hades of sleeping over there and he gets all ticked off at me. Too bad, there is no way I am letting my son stay somewhere where I know there is no supervision. When kids stay by us, they stay up late, I usually buy a dozen Dunkin Donuts, and pizza or McDonalds and there’s always snacks here, they have free roam on the phone and play Playstation or whatever till they pass out. So - God willing - the worst thing that will happen to kids that stay here is they get a sugar and junk food overdose and are exhausted lol.
So is it just me or does this seem just a little dang strange? I just know that this kid is going to become a semi-permanent resident lol. I really don’t mind that part - it’s the reason why that annoys the heck outta me.
Oh well, it’s late, gotta do some work here I have a million ideas running through my mind for scrapbook elements, pages and Christmas gifts lol.
Have a great night/day!

Florida Schools ARGH (From 10-20-06)

I had to take my oldest out of school here because they were a bunch of so and so’s. So now I have been homeschooling him since April. It was a little rough going in the beginnning and I hadn’t been able to get him into virtual school until June. Finally we got going and his grades have been between B’s and A’s but because he was behind in the classes he actual marks for each period were D’s and C’s. But that’s ok he is caught up and should be completely on track within about a week now.
My youngest had a rough time last year because he didn’t like his teacher (the school ended up transferring her out because apparently my son wasn’t the only one complaining) Now that he is in 4th grade he is starting to have trouble. Partly because he sees his older brother home and partly because of the school. I will tell you why.
I have been asking for them to teach him how to spell and write correctly for two years. His handwriting is atrocious to the point that he can barely read it. We have sat with him just about every night to get him to write correctly and it just isn’t working. He has NO spelling words this year and they didn’t start science class for about 7 weeks. Forget that the notes teachers sent home are LOADED with grammatical errors and some are not even signed by the teacher. Wait it gets better.

I see him trying to study for his test in Math so I said to him come on we’ll study together. He gives me the paper that he is supposed to “study” Know what it says at the top of the page? “TEST” I flipped and called the parent of one of his friends. Yep she confirmed it. They give them the damn test to study “but they change the questions around” NOT change the questions, but the order of the questions. SO FREAKING WHAT? They are giving them the answers. So I say to John “blah blah blah blah” and he answers “Blah blah” I said Why is that the answer … his reply? Because that’s what it says on the paper! ARGH!!!!!!! He knows the answers but he doesn’t understand one blooming thing they are telling him. He has no clue in any of his subjects why the answers are what they are. And there have been “Study Guides” which are the actual tests in all of his classes. So now we are trying to actually teach him the work and he fights us tooth and nail. “All I have to do is remember the answers I don’t have to know all this stuff” I am ready to flip out. The whole school system here is ridiculous. I blame the FCAT and the school system. If they don’t have X amount of eligible passing children they loose funding, bonuses etc. So instead of teaching them the info they teach them the answers. I have even heard rumors of teachers giving out the answers DURING the FCAT! No Child Left Behind, there’s another one to blame. The good intentions are there but it leaves way too many variables open for misuse.
So I have an appointment with the teachers next week. The Principal and others know me already and we have a very good repoire but they are not going to like me next week. I am a hothead but I can be very diplomatic and contained when I need to be so I will present my case and wait to see what the end result is. They have no idea that one of the things I want to discuss is the “Study Guides” they are in for a wild ride. If I don’t like the end results I will go to the Principal, if she bails on me too, I will end up at the school board. It’s only a 20 minute ride from my house. Still no satisfaction? I believe I still have a friend over at channel 5. If I don’t, I’ll make one.

Sometimes I feel like such a ditz (From 11-6-06)

Ok so all this weekend I am racking my brains trying to get some resources and ugh - how do I do this? I need glitter, where’s that…… Sigh. It suddenly dawns on me - this morning after the weekend in purgatory/hades, that I have about 5 art programs of which I have yet to use. And that’s besides the fact that PS7 has Plugins and actions etc for making other stuff as well. So I broke out a couple of my other programs and started sifting through them. I have Bryce and DAZ Studio of course lol. I also have Poser 5, Apophysis, Genetica, Carrara, Hexagon, Shade, Twisting Pixels …….. sigh and MORE. So I finally went through an pulled some of them out and started playing with them again. Of course Alex rendered out some flowers for me to use in Shade. I have tried Hexagon and Carrara for modeling and it wasn’t too bad - save for the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing lol, but when I opened Shade - a vein in my head popped - my eyes bulged out of their sockets and I stopped breathing lol. I closed it right back up. LMAO, Thankfully, Alex has had experience using Archicad so the interface didn’t scare him off.
So I have created some backgrounds of glitter and fancy patterns etc. I have a few unconventional ways of doing things I guess. I will be putting up a list of things I do to make my life easier (don’t worry it won’t be long lol) Maybe some of them will help you. They will probably be listed in the About Me section of this blog. I am still trying to get it all organized. For now, I need to get a few things straight here and do my regular post for today then I am off to teach my 13 year old son Haiku. I am going to be using his music to teach him different types of poetry. Thank Goodness I listen to Rap/Hip Hop too, I know the beats and the words so figuring out what is Haiku won’t be too hard and hopefully he will understand it better when he get’s not only a visual but an audio as well.

11-6-06 My Weekend was Insane how was yours?

My oldest slept over his friends house from Friday until Sunday. Sounds great right? I mean seperating the two boys for the weekend should be great but nooooo there’s a catch. See when he is gone for the weekend that means he doesn’t take his medication so when he comes home he is literally bouncing off the walls. Then my youngest had his friend sleep over here on Friday, they were up making Halloween candy experiments and bouncing off the walls in their own rights until around 4 am. Then we were off to my sister-in-laws because it was her birthday. Sigh, needless to say with Charles not on his meds he was ……. cocky….after two slips of the mouth he and his uncle got into it. It was not pretty.
I had 5 kits I wanted to complete plus 4 other projects, this Blog, two 3d renders and about a million things in the house. I think I was able to complete three things. I did get a sketch challenge completed for DigiScrapCentral, and I got a button banner done for them as well for my blog, hope you can see it. I really love it there. I am almost done with my Blog banner, and managed to make some textures and elements. I like to do an element and all of it’s variations in one shot. I may still need something different later but at least, for the most part, the elements are ready to go. I still have a mountain of photo’s to scan and my niece is supposed to be e-mailing me pics from when she, her boyfriend and my other niece went to Disney. I have photos to take of my antique books which were my grandfather’s. One of them is a Bible from around 1890. It’s absolutely beautiful and will be useful with the antique page I want to create. also I have started on a Vintage kit for my Mother who passed away in 1995. She was born in February so her birthstone was the amethyst and she loved silver so the kit, of course will be primarily purple and silver tones. I have also started another kit for Popi. He loves fishing so I am building a kit geared toward that.
Well, we finally got Charles up so I can get going with his schoolwork. Late day today, he was drained from last night and the whole weekend. He sleeps like a brick wall anyway. I know, usually it is sleeps like a log, nevermind the log, he sleeps like a brick wall LOL. It took over three hours to get him up and he just took his medication. So at 12:00 we will start his English class and I have to teach him about poetry. Haiku, rhyme and verse, iambic pentameters etc. I can hear his response already but oh well. I am teaching it to him with music lol. And not that cheesy stuff either. I have taken a bunch of rap songs that he likes and am going to have him pick out the different types of poetry within the songs. Gotta be creative when you teach lol. Kids these days don’t want to learn the way we did and some of them can’t so you have to adapt and teach it to them the way they can understand it. Poetry is still poetry.
Well, that’s the way I saw it.

Daily Rambling 11-12-06

So I had my whole day planned out and - as usual - things just didn’t work out that way. It started going downhill the minute I realized it was already 11 am and my son was knocking on our bedroom door to tell us to wake up. Sigh. Half the morning was gone already and by the time I got up and running we were already into the afternoon. Then I got sidetracked on reading blogs and doing the daily download routine. I have a list of about 6 places that have daily downloads plus regular blogs that I read and get freebies from, then I started making my own patterns in between and as I ran an action in photoshop, I would return to the blogs and go around in there until the action was done. Then of course there was the laundry, stopping the boys from killing each other and dinner. Add in the fact that my son’s screen fell out and landed between the second floor and the tree and that his brother thought he would be helpful by throwing books out of the window at it to help knock it out ….. well, need I say more?
So anyway at least I managed to get about 5 gigs of downloads and made about 750 megs of my own designs. I really want to try and use the downloads for my own scrapping and then get my designs out there but I always seem to end up wanting to use mine. I guess because they are a little more personal that way. But there are sooooo many beautiful and adorable kits out there ……. decisions, decisions lol. Alex asks me everyday “So did you manage to download the internet yet?” My response is, “Did you manage to get me a Terabyte for my computer?” I only have a 200 gig external drive hooked up so I can only manage about 5 gigs a day lol. Of course I am burning just about everyday at least 1 -3 dvds full of stuff so I can get it off my drive. I get nervous when it says it’s already down to 50 gigs of available space lol.
So tomorrow it’s off to the eyeglass place to pick up John’s glasses then a stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a CD holder (probably 120 capacity one lol) then back home for cleaning, more laundry and dinner etc., Then it’s back to the computer again. I managed a button for my blog so I have to get that uploaded and out there.
We are almost done with my art site so that should be up and running soon I hope. We have been close countless times over the past few months and then boom some other glitch decides to rear it’s ugly head.
I am also working on some freebie kits and embellishments for here so keep your eyes peeled. I am still trying to get the images to show under my links here, I don’t know why it’s not working but hopefully that will be corrected soon. Until then I will just keep adding the sites as text.
Well it is late and I need some sleep so until tomorrow……………….
that’s the way I saw it

11-13-06 Daily Rambling

November 13, 2006 by tsanzone.

Yeah, I know, I hate Mondays too lol. Just figured it was as good a title as any for today’s blog lol
We managed to get our errands done yesterday. Got John’s glasses he was so happy. He kept saying, “I can read that …blah blah, oh and I can see that …blah blah and Oh when did that get there?” It was so funny. This child is on about his 10th or 11th pair of glasses ….sigh. They say the titaniums are indestructable ….. my eye. They used to say that about Tonka Trucks too, they obviously never met my boys lol. Oh well, another pair of glasses another $100. I told him if he breaks this pair the next pair comes from the Dollar Store lol. They have glasses at -150 prescription. Might grab one or two for him when he goes out to play, if he ever gets off punishment. Seems like he never will though at this rate. We used to have a little sign in the house that said “Be sure brain is in gear before engaging in mouth” Think I might need to get another one. Even just the part that says be sure brain is in gear would be sufficient because it’s not just his mouth that gets him into trouble. Oh well, this too shall pass. “It’s just a stage”
Anyway, we got the glasses, picked up a cd case that holds 208 and transferred all of our backup DVDs to it for both 3D and scrapbooking. We had a bunch of holders that had like 20 DVD capacity and they just weren’t cutting it. Now we will use those for other things like helping to seperate magazine DVDs and other miscellaneous CDs.

We also made our pitstop at Office Depot to get ink. Between my customer rebate card, a $10 off $50 or more coupon and a “Return an empty ink cartridge and get $5 back” coupon and finally the “If you buy more than one the price drops to $9.89 instead of like $11.89″ we paid $29 for $80 worth of ink! Thank God because I can’t keep laying out $80 for 6 cartridges. This printer won’t print if it is out of one color. We do alot of printing with Charles’ homeschooling between the assignments and lessons and then his work. We have two big binders full of stuff so, obviously, we use alot of ink. Printers are cheap enough sure, but they get you with the ink. Like saying oh yes you want a printer here ya go! Oh, wait you want to USE the printer…well the ink is going to cost you!

Today Charles does Math and in between we need to work on this blog and see what we can do about getting pics to show, I am making a kit for Christmas that I will probably put up as a freebie My son just told me I have no life because I am always on the computer working and we never go anywhere. I said “I have a life, I’m just not living it right now” lol

So I am off to work on the kit, update my website and work on getting the other one up an running. First I need to post in my RANTS section - because , well what would a day without me complaining be? BORING! Have a great day!
That’s the way I saw it….

11-13-06 Rant

…or whatever the term is for them. You know which ones I mean, 4Shared, RapidShare etc. I don’t claim to know alot about these sites but I find them annoying as anything. Lately they have gotten worse. Bad enough that when you go to download you have to wait X amount of minutes if you don’t have an account with them, ok fair is fair and they want you to join their program, I can deal with that. I can even deal with having a limit to how much I can download in a specific amount of time … IF I know what my limit is. Lately though I have been running across these issues:

1. It will say “Your file is ready for downloading click here. I “Click Here” and it says file has expired. Well why didn’t it tell me that before I went through the whole waiting process and clicking here?
2. It will say please wait X amount of seconds then finally it says download you click download and it says “Users downloading limit reached please try again in a few minutes” Ok so if I exceeded my limit, what is my limit? What exactly constitutes a few minutes. I downloaded one file this morning and went for the companion file which was part of a kit, the first file was about 16megs and I reached my limit?
3. Click here to access the file you wish to download, click here and I get a page that says I must be logged in to access the file? Don’t have a loggin, join now! WTH? I am NOT joining fifteen million sites to get files. Sorry, not doing it. I already have reached about half my file room on my hotmail account and am definitely not giving out my other e-mail addresses for this stuff.

I understand the problems with offering up freebies and trying to keep them free by not having to pay for storage but the love of Mike (whoever Mike is, I don’t know but it sounds good lol) There has got to be a better way. I am running this blog on a website, my website and I have 100 gigs of disc space and 1 terabyte of transfer volume. I got it for $22 for 6 months - they bill in 6 month intervals. Not bad. I figure that should be enough room to run what I want to off of it. If I decide to venture out into eBay territory then I might consider one of the alternate downloading sites but I really don’t want to. I don’t know yet, just trying to get up and running at this point.

Well, that’s the rant … for right now.
That’s how I saw it……

Daily Ramblings 11-14-06

So today was my day with Charles again, we had to redo a bunch of English work because the original stuff got caught up in a fight between a thumb drive and a magnet……. need I say more? Well, thankfully even though he didn’t listen to me and COPY his work to the thumb drive instead of TRANSFERRING it he has now learned that lesson. Also he finally got the idea of why I keep telling him, make notes, write it down, use scratch paper for your ideas and notes THEN type it up. If he hadn’t had notes, he would have had to redo everything. This way he looked through his notes and was able to “rebuild” his work. ANYWAY lol Part of assignment was to compare poetry to a painting or photograph, the original ones are gone - because he didn’t write down the urls from where he found them or their names. So I was searching through the internet looking for paintings having to do with solitude and came across a great one which was located on this blog that I am going to give you the link for. If you go to the link and scroll down a little more than halfway down just past the white rose there are some really cool trick photography pics there. It is in French so I have no idea if this person did them or if they were something that - like me- they came across and had to share. They are really cool though and I thought you might enjoy them. So here’s the link:
Anyway, we have most of his work redone and I have just uploaded a bunch of it for him. Tomorrow morning we will finish the rest then i will finish up compiling his review sheets so he can take the test for this module, then mmake the sheets for him to study for the Semester test. Then he can take a break and move on. It’s like Murphy’s law around here all the time.
I have worked more on my Christmas kit as well and had a couple of cool ideas so once I finish them, I should be able to offer it up. The person we spoke to at our hosting company didn’t seem to know his arm from his elbow and thankfully Alex was speaking to him. I would have asked for someone who knows what they are doing. I have no patience for this type of thing. When I call for support, I want support, I don’t want to have to draw pictures for them and tell them how to navigate they are supposd to tell me. Ugh, anyway, they are supposed to be sending me an e-mail to let me know how to get the banners to show up instead of the text because for some reason my banners and other images aren’t showing up on the side bars. I haven’t been getting into my communities at Digi Scrap or DAZ and it’s making me crazy lol. I just can’t get the time to get in and post. Hopefully tonight I will be able to pull away for a little bit and go see what’s going on. For now, I am going to end this entry, finish up what I can on the new kit, make some dinner, do some more laundry, maybe clean up our room a bit and then see what else I can multitask lol.
That’s the way I saw it……………..

Originally posted 11-14-06

OK, I live for music. I listen to everything from AC/DC to Barbara Streisand to Ludacris. I LOVE everything except Country and Opera. But for goodness sake, stop putting it on your blogs and sites. I hit a site and out of nowhere comes this music blaring through my speakers and half of the time it’s something corney. How about, if you want music on your site, then add it but set it so it doesn’t play unless the person wants it to? The have the players that have the play button so if a person wants to hear the music they can, some are even like a little juke box where they can pick a couple of different ones. I hate being jumped by music when I hit a site. Just had to get that out there because I just got assaulted again for about the 5th time today.