Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Marine Freebie!

Yep, yet another Marine Freebie. I AM making others but haven't had time yet to finish them up. These have been sitting in my folder for about two weeks and I just got to get them together and posted for you ;) This will be the last of the military freebies for a little while. I am working on a nice Spring Kit for you all. There will be papers and doodles and stickers and ribbons OH MY! LOL It won't be a download a day I am sure but there will definitely be abunch of things for you ;) If you would like these two papers, just click on the image to start your download. Also, please remember to send people here to my blog to download, don't share files ok? Also, if you please, leave a little love cause it really makes my day ;)

Download Now

Good Morning ;)

And it really is, or should be again when I get up lol. It feels like things are finally looking up for us. There is a light at the end of the tunnel (usually though for me, it's an oncoming train lol) I got my little toot by getting an interview with 5 Minutes for Mom, and Alex has 2 interviews on Wednesday! YEAH! Thank God, I really can't take much more of this. So currently I look even odder than normal because not only do I have my fingers crossed but also my eyes, toes, legs, arms.... sigh, makes it very hard to walk ;) OK well, just figured I would post the happy news..... oh I almost forgot.....I think there is another freebie on the way too ;) (insert evil, teasing grin here lol)

Hope you had a great night!