Thursday, December 7, 2006

Gotta love the kids

Yesterday I woke up ok but one little thing set me off and I was rip roaring. (I just know I'm starting my changes ugh) Just everything catching up I guess. Bills, working here, trying to make sure Charles gets his work in on time - without him fighting us every step of the way - "wait, hold one , in a minute" you know...., and every other little thing. So I just sat at my desk after my blow up and wouldn't talk to anyone. Then John came home in some sort of attitude so after I had asked how his day was and stuff he was fine but about 5 minutes later, he's inside annoying Charles who was trying to do his schoolwork. Long story short, I ended up yelling at everyone by the end of the day, disconnected internets, took away the game boy etc. So this morning we all woke up late. John was an angel the whole time, hurrying to make sure they got there on time and grabbing a baggie of cereal to take with him to school. Alex said they pulled up to the school and he told John to have a nice day and be good. Johnathan's response? "You too, try not to get grounded by Mom!"