Friday, August 29, 2008

Autumn Freebie #2

Here is the second part of my Autumn Freebies. This one has a bit more green in it than the other did. Please remember no file sharing. If you think someone would like this send them here to download it ;) You can click on the image to be taken to the download.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Autumn Freebie #1

As promised the freebies will now begin to flow ;) Here is the first one, there are 3 so far. I am not sure if I will be making more of these or not. So, you know the rules but I will reiterate for those who may be new here.


You can click on the image to be taken to your download ;) I would love to see any layouts you make with this so feel free to come back and let me know where I can find them ;)

Have an awesome day!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The freebies are coming

LOL I have them just need to pack them up. I wanted to get at least one post in today so that you all know I am still alive. I have been making a lot of goodies and well have a bunch more new Commercial Use items just as soon as I can finish getting them packed up. Busy, busy. Also, don't forget to check on the left hand side of my blog because you can sign up for notifications when I post something new here at my blog! I had a bunch of e-mails asking me for the notifier so I installed it for you ;)

Going to run for now! BBL!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OH MY It's almost Birthday time!

And we are giving the gifts to you! Stone Accents Studio turns 1 next month and let me just say WOW. The excitement is already starting to build with our new Newsletter today! You know what that means - FREEBIES!! Yep and there's one in the from me because I am in the Designer Spotlight this week! Woohoo and to help celebrate I am offering up my newest kit "I Remember Nana" for 50% off! You can grab it for only $2.50!! But hurry because after this week it goes back to full price.

Ooohhhh did you want a preview of my Newsletter Freebie? How about the link to the newest Newsletter? OK since I am in such a good mood ;)


Now, of course what would a party be without sales? The girls and I have some awesome deals coming up for you ;) Check out the LAYOUT DESIGN CHALLENGE
post below this one! Also for the SAS-Y Impromptu Challenge in September I will be having Altered Art Challenges! Be ready to come by and check out the forums and join in on the fun, treats and good times! Keep an eye on the forum for more news from all of us!


Layout Design Challenge!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Call me Rip Van Winkle

because I went to bed one summery night and woke up to this:

Now while this is a beautiful scene I must admit I am really confused. Doesn't Fall start in October? We are still in August right? I mean it's 90 degrees here almost every day, people are still dressing in light clothing, there are no Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations around. Did I fall asleep and miss something or did I miss the memo from Mother Nature? LOL Oh well, guess I will be sitting back and enjoying it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you ready for a freebie?

Bee-cause I have one for you. This is the last of my Fairytale collection. Well for now ;) Please remember NO FILE SHARING, NO making of quickpages and giving them away, no posting direct links - post links only to my blog if you want to.

Click on the image to be taken to your download!

I will be back later with some very cool information ;)

Friday, August 15, 2008

My life is filled with Fridays

(**LONG POST Scrap news at the bottom lol)

I always wished it was Friday. You know how it is, you wake up for work on Monday morning and say something like " Oh boy, is it Friday yet?" Well, be careful what you wish for because every time I turn around now it seems like Friday. What happened to Saturday through Thursday? I have no clue. Moving right along..............

Here in Tennessee school has started. As part of my attempt to organize my life I have started saving all of my receipts in folders for each month so when I say "Where did all the money go?" I can look in there and cringe. LOL So I was putting in the receipts on Wednesday evening - after our hour and a half trip to Clarksville to do clothes shopping for Charles because he won't wear Levis or Wranglers, and I was doing the receipts for school shopping and if I hadn't been sitting on my bed I would have fell over. Nearly $500 in clothes and supplies! And we aren't done. Now mind you, although Charles likes the more expensive clothes I only spent $150 that evening on his. He got three pairs of pants, a jacket and 4 shirts at JC Penny for that $150 so it really wasn't bad. And just a little FYI Sales tax here is 9.75%! Even on food - which is a whole other issue - don't get me started lol. But anyway, we went and got sneakers for the boys - 1 pair each $105 and that was WITH the discount (I have a FootLocker/Champs VIP card) and a $20 coupon!! They are both in a man's shoe so I don't get lucky with John's shoes being cheaper anymore lol. I won't buy cheap shoes because their feet are too important. John gets work shoes/sneakers at Wal_Mart because they get stained and absolutely disgusting on the farm where he works but that's it. I still need to get their calculators - the stores are all out of course - and a couple of little things and more clothes. But for now, they have enough to get started. I won't buy paper towels, hand soap etc. I refuse. It ticks me off that they ask for it - it's PUBLIC education which means it's free. Now, on the other hand, when my boys tell me that the teacher doesn't have enough of this or that and I see photocopy sheets coming home on notebook paper or they are having a party or something in class I will buy a ream of paper or two and some other supplies because I know a lot of the time the teachers end up having to buy these things out of their own money and that's just not right. No wonder they are all stressed out. They all start with the wonder and desire to work with children - to help them and mold them - and then they get hit with low salaries, bureaucratic baloney, and parents who think that they are babysitters and do nothing to help the teachers out with discipline or academic issues. All of my boys teachers have my cell phone number and my e-mail address. I tell them all not to worry about calling me or e-mailing me if they have a question or problems. I don't play when it comes to school. We had open house on Tuesday for John and I think I scared his math teacher lol. I am so annoyed that the children are allowed to use calculators it's not even funny. What kind of baloney is that? When I went to school we had to use scrap paper to do our work and show it all. Now they use a calculator???? Big deal you can push a button. Then they wonder why this generation is the way it is. We make things too easy. We coddle them. Well, not me, there is a fight in my house at least twice per week per child because I insist on making them do it the way I was taught. Don't just spit the answer at me, I want to know WHY that is the answer. ARGH. His poor Math Teacher LOL She said well you know there are around 300 questions on the test. My response? "What's your point?" When I took the Regents and the ASVAB and PSAT and SAT in NY we spent all day on the tests and did each one the long way BUT we knew why the answer was what it was and if we lost electricity or our batteries died it was ok cause we still had good old fashioned paper and pencil and our battery was our brain. My favorite thing though is these parents who say "I can't help him/her, I don't know the work" OK fine, then let them teach YOU! By them teaching you to do it, you are still helping them study AND you are teaching them pride because they get the ego boost of being able to teach their parent something. Where's the downside to that? You don't have time or don't want to be bothered? Then don't have kids! I swear some parents treat children like puppies. You know, awww how cute. Then the puppy starts to grow up and it chews up your furniture, messes in the house, needs it's shots etc. Suddenly it's too much of a problem. Hello people, having children is a lifelong commitment. Can't commit, don't have kids. But, I digress. Sorry lol. OK onto scrapping news.

My new SAS-Y Impromptu Challenge is up over at Stone Accents Studio and you can find the Challenge HERE. If you play along you can get this posting bonus:

I also have the link to our newest SAS-Y Newsletter. Of course it includes freebies and all the latest news ;)

SAS-Y Newsletter August 13th

The Divine Digital August DAD is still going on! Come over to the Divine Digital Forums for today's part of our "UNDER THE BIG TOP" mega kit. wetfish designs, craftybloss and myself have compiled this kit for you. Today is the 15Th which means this download will be available:

Here is what you can grab Saturday and Sunday:

Don't forget to grab my new freebe - Peacock - in the previous post!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Proud as a ...

Peacock! I started making this kit then realized that had I continued at this pace and style that it really would have been very loud - tacky - gaudy lol whatever. So I thought that it looked quite nice as a mini kit and decided I would give it to whoever wanted it. So, if you are Proud as a peacock about something this is the perfect little freebie for you ;) Please NO FILE SHARING. No making of quickpages and giving them away etc. You know the rules by now Clicking on the image will take you to the download page at 4-Shared. Enjoy!

Friday, August 8, 2008

First day of school......

....first day of Junior High School - for John - first day with a new bus driver..... who never picked him up. When I called the bus depot they said well the driver might have been there earlier than normal since the routes were changed. I said not unless she was here before 6 am when we got up and there are 4 other children who were waiting to get picked up. Sigh. So here is Alex taking John to school and Charles going along for the ride - most cheerfully since he doesn't start school until Monday lol. I hope this doesn't set the stage for John's first day.

More later......

Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a quickie

The internet here at the library is experiencing serious issues so I am going to try and make this quick. I have lost internet 4 times already and we are the only ones here sticking it out lol. All the other internet users skidaddled already but I am nothing if not stubborn. ANYWAY... moving right along. Tomorrow I won't be online. I have my washer repairman coming tomorrow anytime between 8 and 5 - don't you just love that? Not like I have anything else to do but sit around and twiddle my thumbs waiting on him to show up. But seeing as how I have been without my washer for two weeks now I don't really have any other choice. Thank God I have the warranty.

Obviously I am having issues trying to get my new items uploaded and in my boutiques today so it may take a little longer than I had hoped. There are a bunch of new styles going in the store and they are pretty cool too ;) The Grab Bag Sale at Divine has been rescheduled to this coming wekend so I will have bot a personal use and Commercial Use bag up for grabs ;)

I am a little behind with posting my new challenge over at SAS and I apologize. I am hoping to get it posted right after I post this. So on that hurried note I am going to go ;)

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes ;)

Hopefully I will see you all on Wednesday!

Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Friday

and I almost wish it was Monday. I put in a request with the Powers that Be at least 3 years ago for a 36 hour day but I have yet to get it. With the way Alex's schedule has been this week I have had to chop my time up and unfortunately one of the side affects was that I missed getting my CU & PU Grab Bags done for this month at Divine. ARGH. I thought I was ahead of the game with it and tat it was next weekend but it's this weekend. Oh well. I do have a bunch of new items inthe boutiques so hopefully you will all enjoy those ;) My poor Girls, Doreen and Tracy. I have been neglecting them and I feel so bad. They don't have any of my newest designs as uploading has been insane from the Library and conversation, pfffttt, I haven't had time to talk to anyone and when I do get a minute to make a phone call or something.... it's just about midnight lol. I miss them :(

Anyway it is almost 5 PM here which means the Library is about to close. I will be here ALL DAY MONDAY, cleaning up everything. Look for my new challenge then.

Don't forget about My Sale at both my boutiques 42% off from Tomorrow until April 9th! The DAD at Divine Digital started today as well!! Under the Big Top!!

Have a GREAT weekend!