Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some new layouts and some yada yada lol

I wanted to start scrapping some of the photos from the party this past weekend. I used my new Shannen Mini Pagekit (as well as the freebie add-on pack available one post down) for this first one:

For this double layout I used Dreamland Pagekit by Mama Moose. I used the AV Bros page curl to turn the pages on the inside so that it looked like an open book. By the time I added the placeholder ribbons the effect got pretty much lost. I still think it came out rather nicely though ;)

I used "A Day at the Beach" papers and the Nickel Alpha by Laura Pitman to scrap a couple more photos from the beach ;)

So I have been putting together some packages for a new line which I will be calling "Bakers Dozen" There will be 13 elements/items in each package and they will be available for both personal and commercial use. I am starting with flowers. The first package should be up soon so be sure to be on the lookout for them ok?

Did you see HOUSE last night? Holy Moley, all 3 of his interns are gone? I bet the three interns he takes will be the three who answered him in the hall. Especially the wise butt blonde that said "tainted botox" (or something to that effect) and then, of course maybe the nerdy guy who seemed afraid of his own shadow and the other girl with the dark hair. Any other takers on this bet? LOL. BOSTON LEGAL, sigh, ya know for a little bit there I really thought that Denny was loosing control, that all of his brain cells hadn't made it to the assembly line, that he had dropped his basket, lost his marbles, was waiting for the cupcake wagon to bring him his cream filling, but he pulled it off! I love that show and the combination of Spader & Shatner is just unbeatable. I can't believe all of my shows have already had their season finales that really stinks lol. I mean it's a good chance to get caught up on some of the ones we may have missed but I want to see NEW ONES! Sigh oh well.

Freebie Time

Yeah so, I know, over 1200 downloads for my last freebie and only 45 comments. I said I wasn't sure if I was going to post anymore freebies, but I'm like an addict, I just can't help it. So here, for your perusal is a little bonus download. Included are 2 journal vellums, 1 set of stitches, a set of criss crossed staples and 1 frame. Hope you enjoy it! As always PLEASE don't share files. Send people here to my blog to download it and as always leaving a little LOVE won't hurt..... I promise ;)