Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wow where does the time go?

Well I was sick and in bed for about 5 days and finally have gotten out of the house. I spent time watching movies and petty much that was it. While Alex was at work, the boys would hang out with me and watch movies and get me whatever I needed to drink and stuff. Problem is now I am 5 days behind... again.

I am sitting here at the coffee shop and my tummy is already sore so I am going to give you all a few quick things to read and look at then I am outta here.

Be sure to check out the Divine Digital Grab Bag Sale this weekend - I will be uploading my bag tomorrow morning.

Here are a couple of layouts I did this week. I have been trying very hard to get scrapping done too because I still have hundred of photos that need to be done and that's not including the new ones I take all the time.

We had some snow again this week which resulted in a Snow day at school so the boys were off yesterday. Now they are in school today then tomorrow is supposed to be a half a day which means they get out at 10. I seem to remember half days as being around noon but.....ok lol. What is the point of going in for two hours? I guess it's a minimum requirement thing but it still sounds slightly stupid to me lol.

Well I need to run and get something to eat before I really get sick.

Cya ;)