Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Is it really Wednesday already?

Oh Egads, for some reason I thought the last time I had posted was at least Monday. So very sorry, it's been a madhouse here. First of all my internet has been messing up big time, which of course affects me posting here and on my favorite sites, then of course the biggest thing is it affects me being able to upload Charles' work for school. We can't figure out what the problem is yet but we have seemingly fixed it for now anyway. SIGH. So I woke up at around 9 or 9:30 on Monday and have not been to bed since. Here's a little peek at a big part of why I have had no sleep for 51 hours lol.

I have been busy making the ornaments on this wreath as well as backgrounds. I have been working on about 3 or 4 different kits at one time lol. Tbing is I haven't learned all the tricks yet so I am learning as I go. To make matters worse, I am working on PS7 while most people are working on PSP or PSE. I have PSE3 but I tried it once or twice and really don't care for it. Sigh ... again. I really want to sell kits, I have been unemployed for over a year and now that the creeps let Alex go as well in August we are really starting to struggle. What makes it worse is that it's Christmas and it will be the first time my kids are going to get stiffed. Usually it looks like a department store exploded, I'll be lucky to spend $100 between the two of them this year. Ugh, I shouldn't write when I am overtired lol. ANYWAY..........................

So I have a bunch of stuff finished and a bunch of stuff not yet finished. One of my kits is going up in the freebie section over at Digi Scrap Central. If you check out the My Freebies Widget on the right side of my blog, you will see the Holiday Kit - that's the one going up at Digi. I already have my recipe kit over there too. I love it over there, really. Very nice group of people to deal with, drop over there if you get a chance, you'll have a nice time ;). (Links on the left side of my blog)

Now, I still have to finish the kits, start scrapping two albums, one for my sister and one for our Dad. In addition I am doing 8 - yes 8 - family recipe books as Christmas gifts. I am including a photo of each person who contributes recipes along with a little bio and then follow that up with their recipes. I already have the albums and we bought Chef Towels which are like one step below the glass towels. I took them all and antiqued them with tea and herbs etc. Once the books are personalized for each person it will get wrapped in the towel and tied with twine. Then they each get topped off with a stick of cinnamon, a plastic sprig with like cranberries or something on it and some ribbon and VOILA! instant gift! My youngest son and I are also going to make homemade paper to use for the tags, so they should look nice when they are all done.

In addition to all of that we have to go pay bills in a little bit, go pick up Guiness Book of World Records for John for Christmas - thank God I have my Members card and a discount certificate on top of it lol. He is always asking, "What's the World Record for this.... what is it for that?" and he mentioned that he wanted the book but stopped once he realized how tight things are. His big brother only asked for one thing for Christmas as well. Kids can be great and I LOVE mine to death.

Well, I gotta get going because we need to be back in time to get John from School. Elementary let's out at 2:20 here so it doesn't leave much time. I should be back on tonight with a FREEBIE! I just need to figure out which way is up and which stuff is going where lol. Till then...... have a good one!


Almost forgot! FREE FREE

If you haven't gone by DAZ3D yet to check out V4, ya better get there by this evening! She is FREE until midnight tonight! If you are into scrapbooking, 3D, even just playing around check them out. They give you FREE software for rendering and setting up scenes PLUS FREE CONTENT!! They offer freebies every week too! I LOVE being a member over there.