Saturday, December 23, 2006

Almost Christmas

I can't believe it. It has come up so fast .... again lol. Well I guess maybe a little faster this year because of the way everything is here. Stress, stress and more stress, who needs it? LOL

So I am now NOT happy with the way this blog looks lol. Poor Alex, you should have seen the look on his face when I told him I wanted to change the background.....again. Well, it's really not too bad. It's just the background .... and my blog banner lol. It just doesn't look right to me when it's up here. I think I will go even more basic this time and just use some accents.

We have gotten 6 batches of my infamous cookies made and need to go out later to get more ingredients lol. I figure we need to make at least 4 more batches of them. So at 2.5 - 3 dozen cookies per batch that's what? 300 or more cookies - of just that kind. Then we are making chocolate chip - at least two batches, white chocolate and chocolate chip one batch, then 2 batches of the raspberry chocolate chip, One batch of regular brownies, one batch of espresso brownies (maybe two) then one or two batches of the marble brownies. I will probably also make a pumpkin pie and maybe a key lime pie as well. Oh and I wanted to make the guava pastries. I can't do the brownies until Monday morning. Or maybe I can do them tomorrow and bake them tomorrow, get them out of the way. We are definitely going to start baking the cookies tomorrow. Charles heard that and said "Oh then I 'm not going anywhere tonight, I'm staying home!" I can't believe it! He didn't trim the tree with us :(, he didn't help with the village :( but at least he is going to help with the cookies. I know, I know it's only because they are cookies and he is going to snatch as many as possible along the way but hey.... a Mother has to take what she can get sometimes lol. He's at that age - 13 - he wants to be with his friends and has no interet in family. Also there has been some stuff going on and he's not happy with alot of them soooooooo..... He is his Mother's Son - Poor Kid lol. It's funny though because when he's with his friends he will still tell me he loves me on the phone and if he's with them but around me he will kiss me hello or goodbye. He doesn't care - he told his friends that I'm his Mother and he loves me so deal with it (when they teased and said "Ahhhh Momma's Boy" he said "That's right... you don't like it?")

So tonight is baking and getting ready, then Alex and I have to go ahead and get the presents all wrapped up. Oh too funny he just walked in behind me with the wrapping paper lol. Are we on the same wavelength or what? Well I have to get myself together right now so we can go run out and grab the last minute stuff. Please feel free to rumage through my FREEBIES but PLEASE also remember to leave a comment ok? I need a little extra LOVE this year lol.

Happy Holidays!