Saturday, December 2, 2006

Oh Boy, Nerves are shot lol

So let's see, so far it is almost 9 pm on saturday night and I have only accomplished about half of what I wanted to by my Sunday morning deadline. The thing that has been giving me the most problems? This Blogger ARGH. It refuses to let me use a 3 column template, or I can use it but my third column falls under the middle one And now the photos don't want to work either. And I have a freebie for you. It's a fleur paperclip but this stupid pic isn't working. Well if you look at the pic of Papas Attic a couple of posts down, you will see it clipped on two pieces of stationary which gives a description of the LO.

I have more things coming up but like I always say - not enough time in the day. I really have to get this blog all straightened out and working and get the Christmas cards made as well as the kits. Gonna go for now and leave you with the freebie - I hope lol. Maybe I'll stop in later, leave me some love or a heads up if you have a problem getting to the freebie ok? Just click on the pic (or little red square lol) and you should get the download no problem.

That's how it is for now...............