Thursday, November 6, 2008

An eventfull - UN-Eventfull morning ;)

Oxy moron right? LOL Well it was a beautiful morning because everything went smoothly. I have been absolutely exhausted. I go to bed, pass out quite literally and wake up as tired as I was when I went to bed. Mornings have become NOT my thing which isn't good when you have two boys who sleep like the dead to get up, get fed and get off to school. To help alleviate some of the stress I made French toast yesterday wrapped it in two piece packages of wax paper and sandwich bags then put the sandwich bags in a large freezer bag and, of course, put them in the freezer. Now when they want French Toast they can just remove the bag and heat them up. I used to do that all the time when I had to leave the house to work and the boys needed to get to school but I had stopped it because I would just make breakfast for them. I forgot what a wonderful time saver this can be. So they ate, took their medications, got dressed, brushed teeth and kiss kiss - were off to school lol. I LOVE mornings like today lol. I even managed to get a photo of them leaving for school together.

Firstly they are walking together and Charles is actually carrying John's backpack.

Then they efficiently manage their time because they play basketball at the church until the bus comes.

Last night I am on the computer and I hear "CHARLES!!" I'm thinking oh great, now what? I turn around and there is Charles, who is supposed to be clearing up the table and put the food away and he's putting the food away all right LOL.

That WAS leftover Spinach with garlic and olive oil LOL He ate like a cup of it right out of the pan lol. John won't eat more than the tablespoon I make him eat but Charles loves it. He told John that he should eat it even though he doesn't like it because it's good for his muscles and blood lol. John took the photos of Charles chowing down on it but they are a bit fuzzy lol.

I LOVE days like these ;) Have a good one!