Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I got my Wacom back!

A few months ago my Wacom mouse died. Alex called up and got all the information needed to send it back for them to replace or fix for me. But we FORGOT to send it. (I think Alex is catching our ADHD lol) Just when the warranty was up we remembered and I said to him "Ya know the warranty is up today, geez." Well, he had called them and got the to replace it anyway because he called on the actual LAST DAY of the warranty! I didn't know he had called and yesterday Fed Ex showed up with the mouse for me! I was so happy. Except now I have to get used to it all over again lol. Isn't he a sweetie ;)

Oh I never told you all what I got for my birthday did I? Hmmmm, well my Popi got me my Blackberry Curve early, I LOVE IT!! I can go on the internet, take pictures and answer e-mails and everything, it's awesome! And of course something I wouldn't have bought myself because it's so expensive.

Alex and the boys got me Gift certificates for the nail and tanning salons!! WOOHOOO! I have been dying to get my nails done and get a tan. Now if I can just squeeze the time in lol. I also got Scrapbook luggage! I got a huge case to hold all of my paper scrapping items and a huge Accordian file case to hold all of my papers and layouts waiting to be put into my book! My youngest DS made me a coupon book lol. It has things like "I will take out the garbage 10 times" "I will do the laundry 10 times" etc. Really cute. I love those don't you? It was a wonderful birthday, I didn't have to cook, had Chinese food for dinner and a Chocolate Carvel Ice Cream cake for dessert! Yummy! I am lucky. I got cute cards too, I need to scan them so you can get the full effect lol. My oldest DS is such a wise guy lol. Will do that later ;)

Ok gotta go and work on my "SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT", as well as my new kits and commercial items I am putting out for you all ;) Oh and I need to go check at Go Digital Scrapbooking in the "Next Big Designer" section and see how the voting is coming along! Have a wonderful day!