Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Friday

and I almost wish it was Monday. I put in a request with the Powers that Be at least 3 years ago for a 36 hour day but I have yet to get it. With the way Alex's schedule has been this week I have had to chop my time up and unfortunately one of the side affects was that I missed getting my CU & PU Grab Bags done for this month at Divine. ARGH. I thought I was ahead of the game with it and tat it was next weekend but it's this weekend. Oh well. I do have a bunch of new items inthe boutiques so hopefully you will all enjoy those ;) My poor Girls, Doreen and Tracy. I have been neglecting them and I feel so bad. They don't have any of my newest designs as uploading has been insane from the Library and conversation, pfffttt, I haven't had time to talk to anyone and when I do get a minute to make a phone call or something.... it's just about midnight lol. I miss them :(

Anyway it is almost 5 PM here which means the Library is about to close. I will be here ALL DAY MONDAY, cleaning up everything. Look for my new challenge then.

Don't forget about My Sale at both my boutiques 42% off from Tomorrow until April 9th! The DAD at Divine Digital started today as well!! Under the Big Top!!

Have a GREAT weekend!