Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I had to do it.....

I just couldn't go and let my nieces engagement go by without making a kit for her lol. She loved the layout I did (which makes me ecstatic lol) she should flip over the kit lol. So here it is. It is up at my HODS Store and should be up at DSC in a bit ;)

I have been uploading all of my photos to my google account so I can use them on Picassa. what a PITA. Not them, the process is very simple, it's just sorting through and getting them all together and stuff. But I like the end result. Now I also found out that Yahoo is closing their photos section so I will need to remove/move all of my photos from there. BIG SIGH. Looks like loads of fun for me. Oh and speaking of loads, I still need to do more laundry. Gotta go lol