Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Bunch of Layouts

Well at least I am being productive lol. I have a bunch of layouts here for you. All of these kits can be found at Digi Scrap Central

This LO was made using Butterfly by Shannon F:

For this one I used Early Spring QP by Gail Cook

For this LO - which I call "Look I'm Carol Burnett" lol I used Big Prints, Little Prints by Shannon F ;)

I made this LO using my new kit "Antiquated Love"

And lastly - for now - here is a LO I did of the grown ups enjoying Spring Break. I made this using my Sandy Gold kit.

OK Gotta run for now, the library is getting ready to close....sigh. Will try to get back on later for a little more news ;) I believe the MEGA KIT is coming up soon over st Digi Scrap Central so you might want to drop by and take a peek ;)

Oh for the love of Pete... or Mike or whoever lol

Yep, they did it the lousy creeps. Internet is gone. ARGH!! So now I post to you from the land of McDonalds, and tomorrow it will be McDonalds and then the library too. How do they sendyou an apology letter for them mistakingly killing your service and then tell you too bad -- you have to give us this and this??? This is almost as bad as Best Buy .... another bunch of winners there. Anyway just wanted to give everyone a heads up since I am now floating across the internet stream. There will still be freebies and there is another kit hitting the store next week - It's called Antiquated Love and there is a freebie up at DSC. Go a few posts down to see the QP for this kit. I should be uploading a pic tomorrow so you can see the actual kit. It's over 60 megs with 6 papers and 25 elements! Oh and if you get a chance check out the forums over at DSC, I hear tell that there will be a scavenger hunt soon ;) Run over to DAZ too as they have their new freebie up, it's for Bryce! And the release of Bryce 6.1 is coming and the new bundles are coming up too - less than $20 for 10 items. One bundle has Hexagon!!! OK gotta go, it's late and I need to spend my time being creative instead of arguing with this stupid laptop ;)