Saturday, January 13, 2007

Going On at DSC

WOW next week is going to be awesome! If you didn't see my previous post -- Scroll Down -- lol. There are going to be at least 4 chats plus 4 or 5 challenges AND now there are more challenges up in the forums section:

Sketch challenge Jan 14-29th

Color challenge Jan 14-29th Using our MEGA Kit colors!

Scraplift challenge Jan 14-29

All have great FREEBIES available for the participants so come join the fun over at DSC. Come, Chat with us, get inspired with us and just have fun! Maybe even learn a thing or two in the process!

(PS my challenge starts Thursday ;) )

**Sorry had to repost this since the stupid SPAM dipsticks have found my blog. All comments will now be moderated, so please feel free to post a comment as long as you are NOT a pathetic person with nothing better to do than SPAM someone else's Blog.