Thursday, February 15, 2007



Airforce Freebie!

I told you I smelled a freebie! Here ya go, the first of four Military Dog tags. And they have ribbons!! Woohoo, lol. This is an Airforce Dog Tag with ribbons. It's about 5 incheswide and 3 inches tall. I left it fairly large so that you could scale it down if you wanted to ;) You know the deal, click on the image and your download will start! Please remember to leave a little love if you download. Also, please no file sharing, if you think someone would like this file, send them here to my blog ;)


He Knows me soooo well....

OMG Those of you who read my blog fairly regularly know that I have been beating myself to death trying to actually build a curly ribbon. With both of us being unemployed outside of the home, I didn't want to spend the $$ to get AV Bros or Vizros etc. We also weren't getting each other for Valentine's Day because we have other obligations which take precedence. Well you know what this sneaky monkey did? He bought me AV Bros PAGE CURL 2.0! Problem was he was walking around yesterday all depressed and I kept saying what are you upset for, it's really not a big deal. This morning, just a little while ago he tells me I have spam (which means he dropped something into our shared file) I say ok, took my time because I was working on another kit. He's eyeballing me sideways (he sits about 7 feet off to my left at his desk). So I save what I am doing and go into the shared folder. At first I didn't see anything new, then BOOM! There it is in a nice little folder with AV BROS Page Curl MWAH! I squealed like a pig! LOL He is SUCH a sweetie and he knows me so well. I can get flowers and candy anytime, if you give me something, give me something I can use artistically and I am happy! He got me my Wacom for my birthday last year, so he knows lol. So I am off to use my new gadget (insert evil grin here lol) Wait.... what's that? I smell a FREEBIE coming on!! LOL


OMG I can't believe it!!!

WOOHOO!!! This article can be found at MSNBC-Politics-Rudy Giuliani News - I found it on the MSN Homepage, clicked the link and yelled "YES!" I might actually vote in 2008!!!

"Giuliani confirms he’s running in 2008
Former NYC mayor, a moderate Republican, joins pool of contenders

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a moderate Republican best known for his post-Sept. 11 leadership over his city, confirmed Wednesday his intentions to run for president in the 2008 elections.

Giuliani made the announcement during an appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live." He had filed a statement of candidacy earlier this month with the Federal Election Commission and filed paperwork for an exploratory committee in November.

"Yes, I'm running," Giuliani told King. "I think I can make a difference. I believe this country needs leadership." "

There's more to this article you can find it over at MSNBC.

OK it's cold

Just a warning that this is a ramble - nothing really important to say. Maybe it will give you a chuckle, maybe it will bore you so read at your own risk. I promise nothing lol.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the cold? I do, really, despise it. When I lived in New York I traveled the subways to and from Manhattan, up and down flights of stairs, in and out of stations, on platforms with the wind whipping around the buildings and to coin a phrase "Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes". Back then I wore 3 inch heels all the time with my suits and I hated carrying my shoes with me, getting into the office and running around for an hour or two before being able to take off my sneakers and socks and putting my shoes on so if at all possible I traveled in my 3 inch heels. GOD Forbid it would snow and or sleet, hail etc. Trying to walk through the snow without falling and not only hurting yourself but getting wet and very possibly muddy. At that point, depending on your time frame in proportion to the time frame of the port authority and Mass Transit system, you would have to decide, is it worth it now to try to run home, change and start out again or do you cut your losses and just continue on to work and hope that your boss doesn't actually have the audacity to be annoyed because you are looking like a street bum. Late trains, no trains, broken down trains, overpacked trains, late buses, or even worse EARLY buses that you don't know came early until you realize that you are standing in the snow/rain/sleet for over 20 minutes now instead of 5-8. Of course there are always the crazy people who are actually insane enough (and rich enough)to take their cars into Manhattan and they drive by and hit either a pothole or nice icky puddle and are kind enough to splash some of it on you, and giggle as they drive by. For this (back in my day straight out of school) you got paid $21,000 a year $25,000 if you were out of College and depending on your degree etc etc. But of course that was pretty good money for back then so you really couldn't complain UNTIL you subtracted the $14 a week to travel, the dry cleaning bills, lunch, the aggravation factor and the COLD factor. The way I figure it I was underpaid by about $50,000 a year. If it gets below 70 degrees I will get goose bumps. I am a native New Yorker, I'm Italian and Irish grew up primarily in Brooklyn, walked - literally - 8 blocks to my elementary school, and almost 2 miles a day to High School. I lucked out with Junior High it was around the corner lol. We wore leg warmers (ugh Flashdance flashback lol) boots, jeans and Pea Coats and it was STILL too dang cold for me. So anyway, I grow up have my own kids, figure I would rather have them dodge hurricanes than bullets and we move to Florida. I figure it's a two sided bonus here. The boys get a better life and I get to be WARM!! No more cold, freezing days and lots of sun. It's the Sunshine State right? Obviously some idiot named it because it rains at least once every 3 days and during the summer it rains EVERYDAY at least once a day usually twice. To boot, I get up this morning after having left the windows open cause we LOVE sleeping in the fresh air and I am shivering to the point that I wouldn't take my arm out from under the covers to grab the nice, big, hot cup of espresso Alex was holding for me. He just sat there and giggled and made funny faces at me. On top of that my youngest, John comes in to kiss me goodbye as he leaves for school and he has decided that the quickest way to fix his hair is to grab handfulls of water from under the faucet and throw it into his hair, use his fingers as a comb and throw some gel in it which has obviously not been worked through. He leans over to kiss me and drips ice cold water onto my face. As he stands back up I look at his shirt and am about to tell him to tuck it in (they have to wear uniforms - polo shirt and khakis and a belt) when I notice that his shirt is inside out. How the child gets his shirt on and buttons one button without realizing it, I don't know. This child also doesn't feel the cold as bad as the rest of use so it's really a chore trying to get him to put on at least a sweater, neverrmind a coat. Before he is out the door with Alex, Charles (my oldest) stops by the room to say hi and whines - in his best "I'm going to be 14 in 3 weeks voice" "Mommy.... it's cold! It's so cold....Mommy" LOL So anyway, that has been my morning so far, how was yours? LOL