Friday, December 1, 2006

Please excuse the dust

This thing is making me nuts. it doesn't want to let me add multiple banners for the blogs and it's really ticking me off ARGH!! Anyway, I am changing the background again lol. I really thought the one I have now is too big but I was so tired that I just left it. So I will be making more of a mess here over the next couple of days so please bear with me.

I ended up going to bed around 4:30 this morning, I had enough lol. Now I am up and kinda running again. Still have alot to do I can't believe the time already too, oh well just gotta keep going.

Papa's Attic

Well as of right now I have been up for 42 hours straight. I have a ton of stuff to do, kits to make, Christmas presents to put together etc, etc. I will probably still be up till sometime early afternoon. Being unemployed really sucks lol. Sorry am getting into a foul mood lol.
Anyway, Alex took some photos for me of my Grandfathers Shakespeare Club of NY City SCRAPBOOK! It is literally falling apart as it was started in 1927. I made this LO for it and called it Papa's Attic. It's posted over at DigiScrap Central as well.

Let's see what do I have in the works? Well I am going to be making some Holiday recipe cards to go along with my Recipe Kit Freebie (forgive my spelling if I miss a typo ok? LOL Am really beat ugh)) I have three Baby Kits that are almost done and am working on two different Christmas ones and a New Years one. Am also pulling out a few freebies as I go along. If there is one Christmas ball in my kit you can bet there are at least 5 more to match the kit in my files here lol. Of course there are also the 7 Scrap/Recipe Books I am putting together for Christmas. My niece got me the pics from Thanksgiving so I can start with some of those and of course there is always my recipes to add into the book so I have some work I can do on those. I just don't want to be making LOs and printing them and putting books together on Christmas Eve lol. Oh Geez I forgot that I am also doing a Wedding/Baby Album for my little sister and a family one for my Dad. Gotta pry the pics from my Sister though lol. They are all still up in NY so it's not like I can just snap pics all the time. OH and I have to do our Christmas cards, update my site especially the sale section. Damn Yahoo Sitebuilder made all my banners slide so I have been having to go in and resize them all. sigh

Ok, well Alex wants something to upload lol I think that's Alex speak for I am going to bed. hee hee.

That's the way I see it .....................