Monday, May 7, 2007

I knew I smelled a Freebie

.... kinda like "I tawt I taw a puddy tat" LOL OK, well my Mom is gone. She has been since January 1995, she was very young - 48 -and to tell the truth we didn't have the best of relationships. Despite this, when a parent is gone, there are always things which will stick in your mind to remind you of better times together. Certain things like smells can bring up a whole bunch of memories. One of my favorites was her apple pie. The recipe was from my Nana (with whom I had a wonderful relationship) but when Mom made an apple pie, I kinda knew that at that moment she was in affectionate mode and I would milk it for all it was worth. Anyway, that said, I made a kit that reminds me of her and wanted to share it with all of you. It's almost 70 megs and I have made it around "Apple Pie" There are pie tin clips, apple pie filling backgrounds, and other little goodies to help you create an Apple Pie layout. There is even a little Apple Napkin to wipe your mouth with when you are done ;) I hope you enjoy it. PLEASE remember, no file sharing, if you want someone to have this kit, please send them here to my Blog to download it. It's for personal use only ;) I don't usually ask, but I would love to see any layouts you might make with this kit. If you want to download this kit, just click on the image to begin your download. Also, please remember to leave a little love when you download your freebies, from me or anyone else ;)

New Layouts to share

Again I must say WOW, what a weekend! This was my first NSD and it was absolutely insane! In a good way of course lol. So many freebies, so many SALES Holy Moly lol. Anyway I went on a bit of a Layout binge this weekend - after Saturday because between the beach and the migraine that followed, ick. Anyway here they are:

These first two layouts were made with 70's Scene by Carla Ware. Isn't this kit "Groovy"?

I have been dying to get this photo of the boys scrapped and finally got it done with Boy'ond by Kristmess

These are some of the photos that Charles and I took together just a few days ago. I used A Male Thing and the Male Thing Add-On by Gail Cook

Finally, a photo of Alex and I. For this layout I used Secret Love by Kiss This Designs

Now, check out these great Layouts with my kits from Ambowife and Beachnut999:



Wheww... I actually have a few more layouts I am working on and if I know these two talented ladies they are working on more as well. Right now, I think you have been layouted to death. Oh and did I mention, I feel a freebie coming on? ;)