Sunday, August 19, 2007

MY DS Got A's!!!!!!!!

WOOHOOO!! We got his grades for the last 7 parts of the Module that he was working on and look at his scores!!!

5.01 Novel Selection and Prediction
Score = 100 / 100

5.02A Personal Vocabulary
Score = 100 / 100

5.02B Reading Plan Discussion
Score = 48 / 50

Score = 175 / 200

5.04 Summary and Predictions
Score = 100 / 100

5.05A Essential Questions
Score = 90 / 100

5.05B Independent Novel Project
Score = 200 / 200

5.06A Tangerine
Score = 70 / 100

On that last part 5.06A He got a 70 but I believe he should have gotten 100. There were two questions where he showed me the reason for his choice and, IMHO he is right. So he is going to send an e-mail to his teacher and explain it to her and see what she says about it. I am so proud of him and his face just lit up when he saw the grades! It's wonderful. Tomorrow he and I will be studying for his Science Final and then he will take that test. Keeping my fingers crossed because once he is done with that he can just go onto the next class.

Yesterday we got all of John's school supplies. $50 for a backpack geesh. But if we buy the cheap $10 or $20 ones they don't last very long. He's all excited because he gets to ride his bike to school this year with his other friends. He's not going to be so happy when it rains lol. His teacher came to the house the other night! I was like....ummmm... who's at the door? I don't think I liked that very much, which is weird because I know that it's good that the teacher is wanting to know his students and their families. The thing is, don't show up at my door at 8:15 pm, unannounced. That doesn't sit right with me, call me or something, or send a letter but don't show up at my door. Especially since the only time someone shows up at my door at that time is when something is wrong so I immediately think the worst.

Anyway, check out this layout I did to record our School Supply Adventure lo.

OK well I am on load #5 for laundry and I have done the vacuuming once and finished putting away the stuff we bought at BJ's yesterday. We had to buy another printer/fax/copier/scanner because ours bit the dust right when I was going to print out John's school supply list and Charles' practice test for Science. My plug-ins are all in, carpet stuff on the carpet waiting for me to vacuum a second time and the chicken is finishing up defrosting. I am going to make BBQ chicken and rice and some sort of vegetable and salad. We have all been eating pears cherries and grapes today lol. Yummy. Well, I am really going now, things to do ;) Have a good one!