Monday, March 31, 2008

News, news & don't forget the freebies ;)

There are only 3 days left to get in on my challenge over at Divine Digital!

There is a Design Team Call going on over at Moo Two Designs Now!!

Over at Stone Accents Studio you can get my kit "Spring Air" and Stellarific Creations "Brocade Peach" for Free with a $10 purchase!

Now before you go be sure to scroll down a few posts and check out the last few freebies I have offered up because I am really trying to stick to keeping things neat which means deleting old files from 4Shared. Never can tell when they will disappear ;)

OK I have a lot to do. I have to make up for no internet over the weekend ;) Poor Alex was working :( but the Boys and I watched "A Walk to Remember" and "The Notebook" and played games etc. We were a bunch of goofs all day yesterday so I got absolutely nothing done.

Have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is it Spring Freebie

I kept complaining that one of the things I was lacking in Florida was the change of seasons. Well, I got what I asked for here in Tennessee LOL. But now I am going crazy waiting for Spring to really hit so I made a little something to help us all through the weather pause. I hope you like it. It is about 10 inches I believe and the frame area itself is pretty small but I thought it might be wonderful for a closeup or quote.

Click on the image to go to your download ;) As always PLEASE no file sharing. Send people here to download if you think they may like it.

Have an awesome day!

Monday, March 24, 2008

50% Off & More!

Hurry on over to my stores at Divine Digital & Stone Accents Studios for 50% off and more and it INCLUDES Commercial Use items!! The sales end today so don't miss out on your chance to clear out your wish lists ;)

Divine Diva Deal ends Wednesday!

then my Challenge starts! Be sure to check out the challenges forum over at Divine Digital for my challenge "Reflections of you in me"

Until Wednesday you can get my "Time Passages" kit for only $2 after that it will be $6.

See you there!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter weekend!

First let me remind you all that today is Commercial Use Freebie Friday over at the Moo Two Designs Blog! I have a freebie up there for you ;)

My Divine Diva Deal is up at Divine Digital! Get my "Time Passages" heritage kit for only $2 until March 26th!

While you are at Divine don't forget to check ot the awesome sale going on there. We are having up to 90% off our Designs from now until Monday!! Time to clean out the wish lists!! Remember that if you buy $10 worth of my designs you get 10% off, $15 gets you 15% off and $20 gets you 25% OFF!! Most of my items are already marked down 50% and some even more ;)

Have a great day and if I don't get another chance today to tell you, have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Freebie Mega Kit

What better way to start a beautiful season like Spring than with FREEBIE mega kit from the SASy Design Team?? Here is my portion of this Mega Kit:

Just click on the image to be taken to the download folder. Be sure to grab all 4 zip files to get the whole thing. Then stop by the other blogs listed below to get all of their wonderful contributions! Remember to Leave some Love and to NOT SHARE FILES!!

Darlene’s Designs -
Creative Chaos -
Stellariffic Creations - http://stellarificcreations.blogspot. com
BooLand Designs -
Beckie Wallace Designs http://beckiewallacedesigns.blogspot. com/
Phreephorm -
JenLin Designs - http://jenlindesigns.wordpress. com/
Skrapper Digitals -
Scrappin Happens -
AneczkaW -

Have an awesome day!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Wednesday already?

Holy Canoli! I must be getting on in years because I swear I am starting to lose track of days lol. This weekend was nice, Alex and I got a lot of things accomplished in the house on Saturday and Charles' friend Danny slept over Saturday night so the boys were all up late watching movies and playing games. Sunday they went to Church then I got sick.... again. Can you believe it? I am so tired of saying it - and feeling it lol. This time it only lasted the day and night and by Monday I was capable of movement lol. I should be going to a doctor within the next two weeks. More on that later.

So Sunday Charles & Danny went with the Church Youth Group to Nashville! They went to the Winter Jam going on there, it was his first concert - it was Christian Rock, but a concert nonetheless lol. So between getting to go to Nashville, 6 Redbulls (EGADS)and getting to go up on stage at one point, he had a ball! He's waiting for one of the girls that went to send him copies of the photos, she didn't have a digital camera so she's waiting to get them developed. Did I mention that they didn't get home until 11:50?? Yep, they called me at around 10 to let me know they were leaving but since the food had ended up being so expensive and most of the kids didn't bring a lot of money, Pastor Scott stopped and got them all Taco Bell lol. My son was in 7th Heaven. He and about half of the school (including some teachers lol) fell asleep in class the next day. He said they would all go through the halls, nod at each other and say "Concert last night?" and they would all grin and say "Yep" LOL. Now my wonderful news is that both of the boys have finally gotten their doctor appointments and their prescriptions for their meds!!! Yeah!! As of today they are both back on their meds (John's changed but he has them nonetheless) Hopefully this will help a lot.

And, Charles brought home a miracle yesterday too. He got a 90 in Science!! This teacher isn't his biggest fan so for him to pull a 90 in the class is awesome. The grading system here is harder - 94 and up is an A - so it's a B not an A but in my book - it's still a 90!!!

I still have some things to tell you but, I will put them in a separate post. Be sure to check out my stores this week though, there are going to be a bunch of great deals and lots of fun ;)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Not much time but....

you have got to go over to Divine Digital & check this out.



Ok well I have given you your weekly allotment of freebies and have posted images of my new items in the stores so I guess the only thing I have left to show you my new kit which will be available exclusively at Divine Digital ;) It's coming on the 20th and will be only $2!!!

I have to get some groceries before we head home to meet up with the boys ;) Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

St Patrick's Day Freebie

I was going to put this up in the store but I figured it might be nice to share it with all of you ;) It's fairly large so there are 3 downloads for it, be sure you get them all.

Please remember NO FILE SHARING, if you think someone would like this please send them here to download it ;) Just click on the image to go to your download.

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Kit Freebie

Here are a few pieces which didn't make the Grab Bag. Even if you bought the grab bag, these pieces are not in it so make sure you grab these ;) Remember to please not share files. Click on the image to be taken to your download. A Little LOVE goes a long way!

Gotta run!

It's Monday!

and I am insane lol. Both my boys are sick. They had fevers between 101 & 103 all weekend. Today they are both hovering around 100 and I didn't let them go to school and they are annoyed. Too bad if they are stir crazy , better that than to have those fevers again. But try explaining that to them, pffftt.

I am uploading a few new items to the stores and should have them available by Wednesday. There's a lot of them though, well 5 items and my grab bag revealed ;) Here's a sneak peek:

Here is what was inside my Divine Digital Grab Bag:

OK gotta run. Have a great day!

Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Friday March 7th & my baby is 15!!

He actually made it, I wasn't sure there for awhile whether he would make it to 15, his mouth seems to get him in a world of trouble all the time but God was watching over him and he turns 15 officially at 3:30 pm on the dot. He is sitting here with us at the Coffee Cabinet on his new laptop. He was so happy when he got it and he is enjoying cruising around at warp speed while we are here. He's trying to do everything at once before we have to leave and he's stuck with no internet again lol. He'll have a busy day today. Today was yet another snow day here (they are getting really annoying now, we don't even have snow yet today) he wants me to make him a Chocolate Monkey cake LMBO then tonight he has a Scavenger Hunt at the Church from 10 PM till 6 am!! I didn't believe it till I spoke to the Pastor and saw it announced in the Church Bulletin. They are supposed to be having a cake for him as well since it's his birthday. All in all he is having a good day.

OK onto business.

Grab Bag Sale at Divine Digital this weekend March 7, 8 &9 ONLY!!

Check out my Personal Use Grab Bag on sale for only $2.00!!


It's Commercial Use Freebie Friday over at the Moo Two Blog - I have a little something up there for you this week ;)


Come on by Stone Accents Studios for my Impromptu Challenge and get this Posting Bonus:

Well that's all from me for today. Have a great weekend & remember if you download from people, leave them a little LOVE.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Girlie Quickpage Freebie

As promised here is the girl version of the Spring QP ;) I hope you enjoy it. Next week I will have a few more goodies for you, they are almost all loaded and ready to go. For now, click on the image to be taken to your download.

There is a lot going on the next week so I will be back later with all of the specials, Sales and such things in a little bit ;)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just a quickie

We are all set up here and ready to go and I got a phone call from Charles, his stomach hurts. EGADS is all I have to say. We need a break already. So we need to do what we have to and go to pick him up. Poor kid, his birthday is Friday too so I hope he is feeling better by then, this is getting ridiculous.

If you're looking for the girlie quickpage it should be up tomorrow ;) Also be sure to check out the Moo Two Blog this Friday as you know it's always Commercial use Freebie Friday on the Moo Two Blog and this week I have a little something up there for you ;)

OK gotta run, take care and I will (hopefully) see you all tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Boy QP Freebie

Since everyone has been so patient with me and my illnesses I thought I would give you all a small thank you ;)

Please remember NO FILE SHARING. If you think someone would like this file, send them here to my blog to download it. To get your download simply click on the image. A little LOVE is always appreciated too ;)

Have a great day ;)

Sick of beng sick

So I have been laid up on and off for the past few weeks, Crohns and what not mostly. Then Friday I started feeling better, Saturday I felt pretty darn good and Sunday morning Woohoo I was rockin' and rollin'! Yeah, until about 4:45 pm when the flu hit me like a ton of bricks. Hard chills, shaking massive headache, fever and nausea all hit me within about 15 minutes. We all got the flu here at the house except for John - my youngest- I had 105.2 fever on Sunday but mostly it hovered around 103 after Charles ripped the blankets off me lol. "You're supposed to freeze to get rid of the fever Mom!" Alex started it all and it ended with Charles getting just a touch of it. Thankfully John has showed no signs and this morning I gave him one dose of Tylenol to hopefully help him ward off anything that might be lingering at home or at school. He said he wasn't feeling well this morning but he had no fever so I figured better safe than sorry. He doesn't want to mess up his perfect attendance award lol. It's amazing they didn't both get it as bad as I did since they wouldn't leave me at all on Sunday. They took half hour shifts lol and now we know that while blood and wounds don't bother either one of them John has a weak stomach for vomit lol. I always thought it would be Charles with that stomach weakness since it runs rampant on their Father's side of the family but he stayed with me the whole time and even cleaned up. He wouldn't let me do anything. John however, said he would take a double shift in lieu of what he referred to as "throw-up detail" lol. Where was Alex during all this? The man went to work, with 101 fever. I wanted to kill him but he's another type A personality so he went to work Sunday and Monday. Thankfully he's off until Saturday now so we should be able to recoup somewhat.

Anyway I also wanted to let you all know that I made an oopsie. The Grab Bag sale for Divine Digital is this weekend, I mistakingly said it was last weekend and it wasn't. Sigh, sorry for the confusion.

I am going to try and get some things together here and then hopefully get back to some designing _ I have some really cute Easter items for both commercial use and personal coming your way ;)

Have a great day!